Angelo Breaks Up With Beverly Osu & Reunites With Ex-Girlfriend, Candice

angelo breaks up with beverly osu

Oct 21, 2013 – Angelo Dumps Beverly Osu & Reunites With Ex-Girlfriend, Candice

Obviously confused Angelo now claims he is not ready for any relationship after tasting the sweet water in ex-Nigeria’s BBA rep Beverly Osu.

Check out what he said on Twitter four hours ago:

“Today what I had to do was the hardest…put my own nees aside
I respect u guys so it’s better u hear it from me,instead from rumours… now let me try and make a difference where I can in Africa
I love u guys even the ones that hate…right now I need clarity…not chaos & scrutiny,I need to focus on what’s important, my youth develoment programs and my family,I don’t think I should be in a relationship right now it overshadows what I really wanna do,I hope u guys can respect me for my decision*thanks to everyone that supported me”

This is another blow on the face of Beverly Ada Osu.

Angelo is now back with his former girlfriend, Candice since Beverly Osu now irritates him.

13 thoughts on “Angelo Breaks Up With Beverly Osu & Reunites With Ex-Girlfriend, Candice

  1. Beverly she what naked shower hour on Big Brother has brought to you
    It’s very shameful to get dumped at this hour by the man who vowed affection for you
    am so sorry

  2. Hmmmm family and development program indeed, can relationship stop u frm achieving dt? Y is it always difficult for men to admit dt is ova sorry Bev

  3. Well, at least he didnt keep her in d dark too long. I’m glad he’z freed Bev nw dat he’z said d truth. Sorri, dear Bev. Buh dat guy is just nt for u…

  4. Can you allow your brother to bring such lady home as a wife never, People are not expecting anything than to be used and dump.

  5. Used and dumped, useless girl, you cannot find treasure on the surface since she decided to show her womanhood to the whole word who will keep her as wife? Even the most corrupt man is looking for a decent and well trained and cultured lady to marry and not public dog like osu ……that name actually sound like igbo outcast.sorry o igbo kwenu.

  6. when i remember beverly ada osu, water run away my eyes. serves u right irresponsible ada osu. osu,s donot really belong anywhere, so were u expecting 2 belong angelo ?A BIG DISGRACE TO ALL ADAS FRM UR VILLAGE ND STATE

  7. Just glad that our Maria did not accept that guy, he is even ugly and seriously Bev how can she date a guy that also wanted her friend and he evn had a girlfriend.

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