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how to become smart intelligent

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How To Become Smarter And Super Intelligent

how to become smart intelligent

How To Become Smarter And Super Intelligent

Smart and intelligent people can be seen as problem solver because they are not afraid to share their opinions or knowledge about a particular topic.

How to become smarter in school

The main goal of doing well in school is to get good grades and develop good study habits. You can’t say you are smart if you don’t spend time learning about different subject matters. You can try the following studying tactics if you want to become smarter:

  • Pay attention in class: Pay keen attention to the facts or key points mentioned during a lecture.
  • Take good notes: Write your notes in clear handwriting so you would be able to read it without stress. Don’t write everything your teacher said verbatim, try to spice up the words so it won’t bore you when you read it afterwards.
  • Attend lectures everyday: Most times teachers give extra points for attendance and participation. Also, you get to learn directly and not from reading books.
  • Organize your work so you won’t miss out on important details: This means arranging your materials and everything you need for a class in an orderly manner for better access and perusing.
  • Study on time: We are all good at putting things off till the last minute. Don’t wait till the night before your big test to read as you might find it hard to retain enough stuffs because of the large materials involved. The more time you spend studying, the more reliable your brain becomes. You can also keep a calendar or journal to bookmark your school activities so you won’t forget your schedules.
  • Create a study space: Find a quiet area where you can stay to study so as to improve your concentration level.
  • Always read before a class: Whether you have the syllabus for the subject or not, it is better to read before you go for a lecture. If you don’t have the syllabus or course work then browse for it using the topic.
  • Buy your books early: This will help you to start reading on time.
  • Don’t ever cram: Cramming never helps as most times the information we think we’ve committed to memory vanishes when we really need them. Cramming only makes the thing we studied seem familiar and hard to recall.
  • Break your notes down: When you have a large material to study break it into small sections for easy review and understanding. You can also summarize it by using acronyms or mnemonics for memorizing topics.
  • Look for additional materials: It is good to research from difference sources so as to get a better knowledge of the subject. Make use of the library and internet for suggestions on the topic.
  • Do your assigned work always: Don’t joke with any extra work given to you. Take your time to research for it and do it thoroughly. You can do it bit by bit if the deadline is far. If possible aim for a high grade and work towards it.
  • Join a study group: Sometimes it is better to read with a group of people than to read alone. Attend reading sessions with other smart people or people smarter than you to help you improve your own ability. During the study session, you can share your views and learn new ideas.
  • Take breaks while studying: It is very tiring to study all day. Make out time to eat and relax yourself inorder to manage your stress level.
  • Ask for help: You can ask help from your teacher or class mates if you don’t understand certain concepts. You can also make reference to your text books to aid your reading.
  • Analyze your results: Go through what you wrote during a test or exam and try to find the correct answers to the failed questions.
  • Practice before an exam: Do a little exam practice to prepare you adequately for the exam you want to write. Don’t assume that you know everything just because you’ve read the notes.
  • Set goals: If you want to achieve concrete results, you need a source of motivation. Motivation helps us attain the impossible.
  • Take online courses: You can search for available online courses in your area of interest that can boost your academic qualifications.
  • Eat healthy foods: Take a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes to boost your brain.
  • Sleep well: Your brain can’t function with little or no sleep as it makes it impossible to remember what you read. After reading try to rest your brain. That way your brain will be able to digest what you’ve given it.

How to become super intelligent

Intelligence is a trait that can be developed through learning new stuffs. To be more intelligent, you need to:

  • Spend time reading instead of watching movies on the television because reading helps to increase your memory capacity.
  • Play games that improve your memory, problem solving skills and cognitive functions.
  • Stay rational: Don’t jump to a conclusion just because you heard or read something.
  • Spend your online time wisely: The internet is full of great learning resources. Take out few minutes of your online time to do something mentally nourishing.
  • Read fictional stories: Fictional stories help you to empathize and understand the motives and view of the different characters in a story. It improves your cognitive flexibility by mentally placing you in different situations and allowing you to imagine how to respond in such situations.
  • Stay current: You can subscribe for a daily newsletter or listen to broadcast from the radio to know about what is going. This helps to keep you informed about your immediate environment and the world at large.
  • Eat foods that are highly nutritious because they make your brain to function properly.

How to be smart in talking

People tend to shy away from public speaking because they are afraid of how they would sound. However, you can try the following if you want to be more eloquent:

  • Boost your confidence level: To be able to address a crowd, you need to work on your confidence.
  • Read books on public speaking and organizing presentations.
  • Play scrabble and crossword puzzles to boost your vocabulary level and verbal skills.
  • Choose your words carefully: Use smart words and pronounce your words fully so people can understand what you are saying. Don’t speak too fast.
  • Improve your writing skills: This way you get to write good speeches for presentations.
  • Work on your rhetorical skills.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Watch talk shows: This will enable you see how experts tackle different topics and express their self.

How to be a smart girl and boy

Smart people are considered active people because they engage in different activities to improve their capability. For you to be smart, you need to;

  • Read a lot of books as it will improve your thinking skill and memory. Don’t wait till you are in the mood or close to examination week before you start reading.
  • Be open to new ideas: You have to be willing to learn and adapt to new stuffs.
  • Get rid of distractions: Manage your thought so you won’t lose focus while studying.
  • Develop a sense of purpose: State what you want to achieve with the knowledge you’ll get from studying.
  • Read a little bit everyday: You don’t necessarily have to read the whole book at once, just spend few minutes of your time everyday to read some pages.
  • Mingle with smarter people: Be intentional about the people you surround yourself with as they may have a negative or positive effect on you. Spend time with people who are eager to learn instead of rolling with people who only know how to party.
  • Be consistent with your study time: You won’t need to study too hard if you read consistently.
  • Make out a specific plan or objective for each study material: This will show you what you intend to achieve from the topic.
  • Try to reflect on what you learn: You can get a journal or diary to keep record of all the information and exciting discoveries you have made so far.
  • Teach others: If you want to be tagged a smart person, you have to be able to impact a little of your knowledge on others who may not have gone far as you’ve gone while studying.
  • Discover new things on the internet: Do not spend time posting on social media platforms or watching comedy shows, when you can actually search for topics you don’t know about.
  • Ask questions as it makes you learn better.
  • Develop an exercise routine: Exercise increases your blood flow, oxygen level and brain function. It also helps you to remember information better.
  • Engage in extra-curricular activities like sports, school clubs and so on to improve your social skills.

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1 Comment

  1. iron bar

    August 3, 2019 at 10:56 AM

    if u pursue intelligence that way ,then we are in one chance mode.Artificial intelligence is taking over.look at apple and other robotic technology.i want undiluted natural wisdom from God.

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