Beyonce & Jay Z’ Combined 2013 Net Worth To Hit A Billion Dollar

beyonce jay z combined net worth

April 18, 2013 – Beyonce & Jay Z’ Combined Net Worth To Hit A Billion Dollar In 2013

According to predictions from analysts, the combined net worth of celebrity couple Beyonce & Jay-Z is set to hit a billion dollar mark before the end of the year.

As at now, Beyonce’s net worth is close to $400 million while that of her hubby, Jay-z is $475 million.

With her new Mrs Carter show tour and her H&M deal coupled with Pepsi endorsement deal, Beyonce is set to hit over $500 million net worth before the mid of this year.

Jay-z on the other hand will hit close to $500 million with his legends of the summer tour that is likely to fetch him close to $100 million.

All of the above predictions by analyst will make their combined net worth to hit over one billion dollars.

I know what some of your are probably thinking but I wont put words in your mouth…

The Ilu-gbemi stars are really doing well.

17 thoughts on “Beyonce & Jay Z’ Combined 2013 Net Worth To Hit A Billion Dollar

    • Enormous amount of success but what is it benefiting towards gain the world but lose your soul i’ll pass on the money if that’s what’s baracading me from Jesus eternal salvation

    • Just because you are successful.That means you are serving the devil.So basically in order to go to heaven you have to be poor.Okay,I see wonder what is joel olsteen and t.d.jakes net worth is.So they are worshipping the devil too?

  1. ppl need to stop hate and trying to make bad for other…i understand that you guys are not happy with your lives…but u should spread your hateful misery.

  2. they earned it all ,, wish there was more people like them promoting and doing music,which is better than all the bad stuff happening around the world !! like stupid wars!! its 21-century we need to learn how to live happy and enjoy life !!

  3. I love you jay z keep making your money it doesn’t matter whether the money is illuminati or not all I know is that you’re fucking rich, you got a beautiful wife, nice daughter you got what every haters don’t have……I would like to meet you someday…….Jigga you the best rapper #keepit100………………..Fuck every ball sucker who say shit bout Jay Z

  4. nobody was born to be a loser.we all have talents so as jay and beyonce but what make us differ from them is that they did not hide their talents they did not feel ashamed of it,but what they did,they used their talents and that is what makes them why dont we look up to them and stop all this negetive talk abaut the and start beiliving that one day we will be rich as them

  5. well not all rich people bad we do not know if they evil or not if you belielve in God you want judge No one don’t believe what you see if you where rich you be tired of spreeing rumors about you so have a Great Day

  6. I live down the street from where jay z lived this place is hell I can see why he’s so rich to never return to some shit like this

  7. Good for them, but I wouldn’t trade my soul for life in abaddon, not saying they did like a poster suggested but much props to them for being so successful.

  8. some people are so heaven minded they’re no earthly good..
    y’all might ass well die, and go on to glory right now..

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