Boko Haram Attack Killed 40 People In Kaduna Village Today


boko haram attack kaduna

June 24, 2014 – Boko Haram Attack Killed 40 People In Kaduna Village Today

Another massacre has been reported in Sanga LGA of Kaduna state. Suspected Boko Haram gunmen stormed the village on Tuesday killing at least 40 villagers.

A prominent figure in the area, Dr John Danfulani said the radical youths in Sanga will not be intimidated into silence. He has urged the state for a declaration of state of Emergency to end the killings in the area.

Read his press statement;

 “We received the sad news of the latest massacre of helpless citizens in the Sanga local government area of Kaduna State, with impunity by unknown gunmen in possession of sophisticated weapons. As we write, over 40 dead bodies have been taken and registered in mortuaries located in the local government. While the search for more dead bodies in Kaduna intensify. Aside from these, (an) unspecified number of our kith and kin has sustained serious injuries in the ferocious attacks that occurred in the wee hours of Monday, to Tuesday morning.

“We wish to tell the world that there is a monumental failure in handling security issues in Southern Kaduna by (both the) Federal and Kaduna governments and security agencies. (And) we make a bold (announcement) to state that government of the state itself is inciting (a) crisis like we saw in Chawai Chiefdom, where two persons lost their lives at the weekend, following forceful appointment of a traditional ruler by Kaduna state government while a case is pending in court,”

The spokesman to the governor, Ahmed Maiyaki, as reported in The Punch of today the 24th June 2014, had denied the story as a falsehood, saying, “Nobody was killed, and everything is peaceful and calm in the areas mentioned.”

“The politicization of the crisis in Jere Chiefdom by the state government and some powerful forces is also another point we cannot forget in a hurry, and as such, the denial did not come to us as a surprise because that is the trade. The reality is, the killings occurred, and records are there with the security agencies. It is on all these that we make the following demands:

“We refused to be intimidated, or harassed, in expressing reality of Southern Kaduna excruciating predicaments, and (the) failure of government and security agencies. No amount of force or blackmail can suppress our views. The security situation in Southern Kaduna is (being) given less attention and concern, while it is degenerating (into chaos) and human lives greatly being wasted with impunity.

We are reiterating our stand that the Southern Kaduna security crises deserves (a) State of Emergency because, terrorists are carrying out gradual, and systematic genocide in our community,” John Danfulani said forcefully. Hammering home is his point, John Danfulani added, “It is of (the) utmost importance because of Southern Kaduna’s sensitivity, and central nature (of its locations) sharing borders with Nasarawa, Bauchi, Plateau, and Niger states, and the Federal Capital Territory

“Again, the insecurity ravaging (the) Southern Kaduna region ought to be separated from politics and vested interests, instead (it) must be handled with (the) utmost sincerity, justice and honesty contrary to what we are presently witnessing. It is clear; there is absolute failure of governance and security. Kaduna State is in a mess and sheer confusion and lack of direction,”