Boko Haram Attacks Yobe’s First Lady Mother’s House

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Sept 8, 2012 – Boko Haram Attacks Yobe’s First Lady Mother’s House

Boko Haram militants who have increased their deadly attacks on Friday set the house of Yobe’s first lady on fire in Damaturu Yobe State Nigeria.

The attack was carried out within 24 hours of a similar attack on major telecom masts in the Bauchi, Damaturu, Maiduguri, Potiskum and Kano.

Here is a confirmation from Yobe State Police Commissioner, Patrick Egbuniwe

.”We got a reportthat the house of the mother- in-law of Governor Ibrahim Gaidam was burnt down by unknown gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect… everybody was asked to come of the house before they finally set it on fire. No life was lost,” he said.

In another development, 4 suspects have been arrested along Gujba Road in connection with Telecom masts destruction in the state.

Who else is safe in this country?

14 thoughts on “Boko Haram Attacks Yobe’s First Lady Mother’s House

  1. who are (they) deceiving, THEMSELVES ? why will they ask d people to come out first? is that how they’ve being asking the ones in the churches to come out or the ones in the churches dont have lives. The judgement of God will be their portion.

  2. Azubuike l tink u ar right cus if it is church dey will not order anybody to leave rather dey wil distroy including an unborn child……. Dis men ar evil wit devilish religion….. God wil definately visit all of u with his wroth n anger

  3. This people indeed know what they are doing! Maybe there had some sort of disagreement with the affected person that is why there have atleast shown them that they can permiate even the thightest security. Well, our leader we are solely your hands o! God will ask some people someday why they used the life of persons under them to play “chess game?”

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