Boko Haram Cell Leader Who Beheaded 7 Women & Children In Balmo Forest Arrested


mohammed zakari

July 15, 2014 – Boko Haram Cell Leader Who Beheaded 7 Women & Children In Balmo Forest Arrested

Mohammed Zakari, a 30-year-old senior member of Boko Haram sect has been arrested.

According the NPF, he was nabbed by Police detectives attached to Bauchi State Police Command on Saturday along Darazo Basrika Road while fleeing from Balmo Forest during counter insurgency operation.

In a statement by Frank Mba, spokesperson for the Nigeria Police said the suspect, who hails from Kaigamari Village, Daptchari in Darazo Local Government Area, Bauchi State is the self-styled “chief butcher” of the insurgent group at the Balmo Forest Camp and is linked with the recent beheadings of seven (7) people, including women and children.

Findings as well as disclosures from the suspect will assist the law enforcement agencies in tracking down some other members of the terror cell.

Mba, an Assistant Commissioner of Police said in the statement that investigation revealed that the suspect was tutored in the art of insurgency at Gombe Forest under the leadership of fleeing insurgent, Abba Taura and moved to Balmo Forest only three months ago.

Zakari actively participated in the April attack against Customs officers at Kari Town, along Maiduguri Road, Bauchi State.

13 thoughts on “Boko Haram Cell Leader Who Beheaded 7 Women & Children In Balmo Forest Arrested

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