Boko Haram Member Arrested In Abacha’s Son’s House In Kano By JTF

boko haram member arrested abacha home

August 17, 2013 – Boko Haram Suspect Arrested In Sanni Abacha’s Son’s Home In Kano By Joint Task Force

The latest report from JTF in Kano is that a suspected Boko Haram member has been arrested inside the house of Mohammed Abacha, the son of former Nigerian President Sanni Abacha.

It was gathered the man nabbed by Joint Task Force on Wed. the 14th of August, 2013 was a domestic servant to Mohammed Abacha.

Joint Task Force officials stormed The GRA residence of Mohammed in Nasarawa LGA of Kano while they were observing their afternoon prayers.

After waiting for them to finish their prayers, they ordered everyone to lie down and they arrested the suspected Boko Haram member.

On spotting the JTF, we learnt the suspect tried to escape by attempting to jump over the fence. He was successfully arrested by the security operatives on site.

According to a source, the arrested Boko Haramist was earlier arrested in Borno State after a brutal attack that led to the death of innocent civilians but he escaped from custody.

As we speak, JTF are yet to reveal his identity.

17 thoughts on “Boko Haram Member Arrested In Abacha’s Son’s House In Kano By JTF

  1. JTF nd naija don dey know d pple wen dey behind d boko sect,jst lmagine in d house of abacha pikin even e papa naw boko himself.

  2. If not de prominent northernal dat behind boko haramist,whr do u tink dos poor almajiri boys will see money to bought IED,propel weapons,guns and so on ?but God is not asleep,

  3. The problem is that, the Government even know this people and they are not doing anything. This Mallam so called Muhammed Abacha should be arrested too bcos he is among those sponsoring this boys to carry out this deadly act. Imagine the conconbility. Imagine this Northern parasites that we are feeding, who become healthy bcos of pur oil, anyway lets wait and see when this country become divided we will see if their cocoa, groundnuts and onions will make them to be rich again. Stupid fools.

  4. is not a surprise to me we all know that , but for me the abacha son need to be arested also if he is not boko haram member should him hide the guy in his house

  5. I believe abaacha son is involve,many soul have lost their live on this boko haram issue. I know for sure we don’t have good goverment they are all teroorist government.I believe God will take control of this country so call nigeria.

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