Reprisal Attacks: Kaduna Christian Youths Retaliate


kaduna riot on sunday boko haram

June 17, 2012 – Boko Haram Suicide Bombings: Christian Youths Retaliate In Kaduna

After Sunday’s brutal suicide bombing attack on several churches in Kaduna state, angry Christian youths are now fighting back.

The irate youths manned the routes burning cars and attacking perceived Hausa-Fulani Muslims

According to police sources, their action was to contain the potentially explosive situation.

Rioting broke out immediately Shalom Royal International Church situated in Tirkaniya area in Kaduna was bombed killing several worshippers.

In another development, a riot also broke out in Sabon Tasha Television, Narayi and Ugwan Romi.

The police managed to rescue several Hausas and Fulanis while others took refuge at Kaduna Mobile Police Barracks.

Those injured in Kaduna church attack have been transported to St Gerald Catholic Mission Hospital.

Kaduna state government has imposed a 24-hours curfew to curb the angry youth currently on rampage.

Update: 31 people confirmed dead in Kaduna’s reprisal attacks.