Nigerian Police Aided My Escape – Boko Haram Suspect

kabiru sokoto latest newsKabiru Sokoto

Feb 18, 2012 – Boko Haram Suspect: “Nigerian Police Aided My Escape”

Kabiru Sokoto, the detained Boko Haram bomber, has eventually opened up to investigators that top Nigerian police officers actually aided his escape from their custody based on an “arrangement” between their in-house contact and his leaders.

According to Tribune on Saturday, Kabiru denied that he escaped from custody but that he was actually released by the police who facilitated his initial escape to a location in Toto, before he moved to Taraba State, where he had planned to flee to neighbouring Republic of Cameroun before he was caught.

With these startling revelations, big heads may roll in the police force as the new IGP is said to be serious about pursuing the case to a logical end.

Let the investigation continues……………

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Police Aided My Escape – Boko Haram Suspect

  1. Their ass done they open hope say dis won no go hide under d carpet oh, for me i know it will finaly end up wit politicians also aidin this kurupt police heads.

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