Boko Haram’s Accountant Arrested With N4.5 Million Cash

boko haram accountant

Sept 24, 2012 – Boko Haram’s Accountant Arrested With N4.5 Million Cash

The Accountant General of Boko Haram terrorist sect has been arrested.

We learnt he was arrested while travelling from Kano to Zaria last week on a commuter bus following a suspicious bank transaction.

At the time of his arrest, a total of N4.5 million cash that belongs to Boko haram sect was found on him.

He got busted while making money transfers in Kano, an action which aroused curiosity from suspicious bank officers.

The officials immediately alerted security operatives which led to his arrest as he was heading to Zaria.

He is currently being interrogated by security operatives in the area.

15 thoughts on “Boko Haram’s Accountant Arrested With N4.5 Million Cash

  1. This media people i tink u are contributing more to the problem of dis country, why must u mention the tip-off of information to the SSS. when dis people read dis nowm they will start bombing the banks. please media use common sense to give information

  2. Please what is your policy on covering people’s faces. I personally think it is ridiculous as i am not sure who you are actually protecting.
    The bad guy or the masses?

  3. God is vindicating Nigeria, but progress made on boko haram issues should b kept confidential,in other not to arose anger.

  4. Thank u lord 4 wot u ve done nd 4 wot u r abt 2 do. We 9jrians put al our trust in u, nd we strongly believe dat u wl nt let us down. Lets c if d security agents can use d bastard nd fish out oda traitors. 3gbosa 2 u guys, gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!!. Once again, tuwale 2 baba God.

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