British Model Christina Estrada Wins £75M In Divorce Settlement From Saudi Billionaire Ex-Husband


Christina Estrada wins 75million pounds divorce case

July 8, 2016 – Former British Model Christina Estrada Wins £75 million In Divorce Settlement From Saudi Billionaire Ex-Husband, Sheikh Walid Juffali

A London High Court today awarded former British model Christina Estrada 75 million pounds settlement from her Saudi billionaire ex-husband after one of the highest-stakes divorce battles of its kind.

According to the U.K Daily Mail, former Pirelli calendar model split from her businessman husband Sheikh Juffali after 13 years of marriage.

Estrada wanted 196 million pounds from businessman Juffali to meet her ‘reasonable needs’, which included two luxury houses, a huge clothes budget and five cars.

The 54-year-old model had earlier rejected a settlement offer which would have given her about 37 million pounds to live on.

She was awarded a 53 million pounds cash settlement at London’s High Court with lawyers saying the payout was worth 75 million pounds when assets she had already been given were taken into account.

The awards means Ms Estrada, who already had a home in Beverly Hills, would get 2.5 million pounds to spend each year as well as 18 million pounds to buy a lavish property in London.

The cash payout works out at more than 4.4 million pounds for every year of her 12-year marriage to 61-year-old Juffali.

The case astonished many after Ms Estrada claimed her ‘needs’ included one million pounds for clothes, 40,000 pounds for fur coats, 109,000 pounds for haute couture dresses and 21,000 pounds for shoes every year.

She also said she needed enough from her ex-husband to afford a luxury home in London worth about 60 million pounds, and a 4.4 million pounds house in the country at Henley.
Besides, she also demanded for 495,000 pounds for five cars, three in London and two in the U.S.

Her lawyers said on Friday that the award she received today was “by more than 50 million pounds the largest needs award ever made by an English court’’.

[By Daily Mail]