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“Buhari Will Support Igbo Presidency In 2023” – Says Popular Nollywood Actor At Political Meeting In Enugu

buhari igbo presidency 2023

“Buhari Will Support Igbo Presidency In 2023” – Says Popular Nollywood Actor In Political Meeting In Enugu

Enugu State governorship aspirant Kenneth Okonkwo has reacted to criticisms for his comments rallying Igbo’s support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2019 campaign and that Igbo should wait for 2023 to contest the presidency.

“My attention has been drawn to some negative comments and curses poured out against my person by some ignorant and satanically motivated persons because of my preference of President Muhammadu Buhari as President of this country for his incorruptible and firm character against enemies of Nigeria,” said Okonkwo, who is also a lawyer.

“Let me reiterate that I am a follower of President Buhari and believe in his integrity and good intentions to better the lots of Nigerians and that of Ndigbo and I have no apologies for this. Whoever disagrees with me should produce his own strong reasons and better alternatives.”

While speaking at a political meeting last week in Enugu, Okonkwo said:

“If the South East shall support any other person for the presidency, they are going to spend the next eight years in the wilderness.”

“It has been agreed that it is their turn after President Buhari. Our slogan is Ndigbo for President Buhari 2019 and then President Buhari for Ndigbo 2023.”



  1. iron bar

    August 6, 2018 at 2:32 AM

    Andy,you are a novice in the political terrain of nigerian politics.same buhari who doesnt care about the zone and whose untold hardship is telling on the nation.are u aware of the herdsmen killings and u are there opening your wide mouth and supporting bullhari.whose 4 yr tenure is cut into two having spent time in abroad more than in aso rocki ve said number of times that acting on film stage is different on facing realities head shot yourself on the foot joining a wrong bad wagon and yet wanted to be on the spotlight.u can relocate to katsina and contest for local govt chairman ,may be u may win if u answer nurudeen.Go and consult the men who know the terrain.number one apc will not sell in enugu or even in the south east..mind u,iberiberism gov okorocha rode on apga platform and as chameleon switched over to apc.Borrow a leaf from desmond who started from state assemly and guess what he may get the house of rep seat if he chooses to run..why?he is an actor like u,but started his tutorials in the grassroots and now getting acquainted in the system will now move ahead.secondly,he is in apc ,a party sellable in the west.please go and start from politics 101.apply wisdom

  2. Mon

    August 6, 2018 at 3:56 AM

    This is where someone like you is getting it wrong, why did you think Igbos are interested to be president? Igbos are not all that interested to be president except most of the corrupt politicians,rather,equity and good governance is all they are asking for, if you are sincere to yourself, you will understand what i am saying about.Igbos are industrious in nature.

    And come to think of it,this zoning of a thing is one of the dumbest things in that fake constitution, any person who cannot treat all the citizen of Nigeria equal is not suppose to be ruling that Nation, ironically, it’s difficult because what set us apart is not enough to define a Nation.

  3. Flavour

    August 6, 2018 at 7:59 AM

    I perceive Andy as too proud and may not fare well in politics, unless he’s indirectly selling himself for a compensated position but surely not governorship.
    Those around him are vultures not selling to him the real truth. Who told him the north are ready to release power to any other zone.

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