Check Out Justin Bieber’s Father, Jeremy


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January 26, 2014 –Check Out Justin Bieber’s Father, Jeremy

Pictured to the right above is Jeremy Bieber, a popular troublemaker.

He is a street fighter and a heavy drinker. The martial arts guru left Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie when he was just 13 months old.

justin bieber motherJustin Bieber with his mum

Pattie says her own childhood was blighted by drink, drugs and sexual abuse. She gave birth to Justin while living in a Salvation Army hostel, having become pregnant at 17, and had to raise him on her own. Her ex-partner was allowed to visit Justin only if he refrained from alcohol or non-prescription drugs. Justin’s mother was so poor that she had to rely on food banks, but she insists she instilled in her son her own deeply held Christian beliefs and strong moral values.

Hours after his release from police detention, he was spotted at his dad hom in Miami celebrating his release with alcoholic drinks.

19-year-old Justin Bieber had also been drinking underage — the legal age limit in Florida is 21 — and officials have promised to show him no favouritism, which means he faces a possible prison sentence.

According to Mail Online, new details emerged about the night that ended with Florida police pulling a bloodshot and stupefied Bieber out of a Lamborghini during his wild street race, attention has turned to the role of his parents in the singer’s depressing downward spiral. For it has emerged that his father Jeremy reportedly arranged for his entourage to use their cars to block off the street so the racing could go ahead.

Like father like son! Na wa oo