Christmas Card: P Diddy Poses With Children

p diddy christmas card children

December 20, 2013 – Christmas Card: P Diddy Poses With Kids

American rapper and music producer, Sean John Combs aka Puffy Daddy, P. Diddy has revealed his 2013 Christmas Card.

Unlike the previous years, the rapper didn’t reveal his baby mamas’ faces this year.

P. Diddy has five beautiful children with 3 different ladies with no commitment to any of them.

He has 3 daughters and they are D’lila Star Combs, Jessie James Combis and Chance Combs. His two son are Justin Dior combs and Christian casey Combs.

Check out P Diddy’s Christmas card for 2013 below:

p diddy family christmas card

7 thoughts on “Christmas Card: P Diddy Poses With Children

  1. May God ve mercy on u Zeal, who re u 2 speak wen God has not spoken. Who made u judge over dem, u beta watch wat u say concerning pple.

  2. Did u guys see that illuminati sign in the first pic on the chest of his two daughters? Turning the cross upside down (anti-Christ)

  3. @mospee and omoh james i can see both of you are so ignorant that is not the cross upside down that was a sign flag used back in war both of yall should get your researches right

  4. @ stevens i belive u r tryn al u could 2 b an illuminati member else u wont say u r blind 2 c dat illuminati sign dat girl is wearing. Nnomufa

  5. If those symbols in d 1st pix is confusing, den chek out P. Diddy’s illuminati pose in d 2nd. But dat’s not wat I 1-2 talk about. He has a beautifl family.

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