Dillish Mathews Broke Up With Boyfriend Over SMS Sent To Nigerian Woman

dillish mathews broke up

Feb 14, 2014 – Dillish Mathews Breaks Up With Boyfriend Over SMS, Text Messages He Sent To A Nigerian Woman

Namibian winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Africa, BBA The Chase show, Dillish Mathews has called it quit with her boyfriend of many years, Stephen Gaeseb.

The official confirmation was received from her boyfriend in an exclusive interview with Namibian Sun on Thursday.

Dillish Mathews’ now ex-boyfriend Steve was caught sending flirty SMS messages to a Nigerian woman months after he allegedly impregnated another woman, this we learnt ended their long time relationship.

Steve said the duo broke up in December after a serious arguments over some flirtatious messages he sent to a Nigerian lady.

When asked about the Nigerian lady, hear what Steve said:

“While Dillish was on the show, there was a Nigerian woman who was helping to campaign for people in her country to vote for her. I was in contact with her because I helped with the campaigning.”

“We flirted via text messages and so on. I mean all guys flirt, it doesn’t mean you intend on acting on it. She then sent a snapshot of our conversations to a friend of Dillish, who eventually sent it to Dillish. We had an argument about that, which led to an argument about other things and we both said some things that we wish we didn’t. After that we decided to break-up and haven’t been together since December.”

After the interview, Stephen appealed for privacy for himself and his now ex-girlfriend Dillish Mathews.

“We both need our privacy and we love each other and probably always will so we need our privacy” he said on Thursday.

This explains why Dillish Mathews has been staying in Nigeria for quite some times now.

She initially went to visit Governor Adams Oshiomhole in Edo state after which she did a video for Flavour Nabania and right after that, she joined Nollywood.

I think the lady is falling in love with Nigeria.

I hear she is dating Flavour…..