Donald Trump Will Be Impeached For Lack Of Experience – Presidential Historian

donald trump impeached

November 18, 2016 – Why Donald Trump Will Be Impeached – American Presidential Historian Allan Lichtman

Presidential Historian Who Predicted Donald Trump’s Victory Says He Will Be Impeached

American Billioanire Donald J Trump caught the world by surprise when he emerged victorious at the U.S. elections, but his stay at the White House could be short-lived, according to a professor who has correctly predicted presidential poll outcomes for the last 30 years.

Allan Lichtman, a political historian at the American University, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday that Trump’s history of playing “fast and loose with the law,” his unpredictability as well as lack of public service experience could lead to an impeachment.

He added the prognostication was based on a ‘gut feeling’ rather than the scientific methods he employed in predicting Trump’s election victory.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Will Be Impeached For Lack Of Experience – Presidential Historian

  1. The president will have advisers to assist his decision making so how he reacts to the advices of these predominantly experienced team will enhance or mar his success.

  2. @big aunt koks, you are right, the president usually have advisers, but trump has been selecting the least experienced people as his advisers including his son in law who has no idea whatsoever, he requested security clearance for his son inlaw on Wednesday as an adviser. This us someone trying to see if he could live at the white house part time, and stay at trump tower weekends..

  3. Even if they are say make Donalm Trum is not presidenting to them again, is not worry Atiku bicos Atiku no get plan for life at all. Atiku is even ready to eat beans and plantain for oroplane.

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