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Easter Reflection: The True Mission Of The Lord Jesus Christ

easter reflection 2018

By Femi Kusa

It is quite natural for me to be somewhat phlegmatic at 68, recalling wins and losses of choleric years, and contemplating what becomes of me after yet another earth-life. At no time in my nightly excursions into the so-called world beyond (there is only one world, Creation) do I ever feel easy. Thoughts of existence in the LAND OF SHADOWS are terrifying. Imagination of life in THE LAND OF TWILIGHT is no better. Suddenly, I tend to understand why many people do not wish to depart the earth when it is time for them to go, a reluctance which expresses itself in many a death struggle. For, indeed, where does a human soul go, after here, who does not accept the idea that life continues elsewhere? Even for those souls who, merely out of habit, developed from the Sunday school days, believe life goes on after the earth, where is the next abode when the conceptions of life which will drag them about are gross misconceptions of reality?

I was born into an orthodox Christian family. I often wondered, but got no reasonable answer, about what would happen to people who lived and died before the Mission of Jesus to this truly decadent earth. Afterall, Jesus told the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus, who ate crumbs from the table of the callous rich man was admitted to Paradise, while the rich man ended in Hell. All who believe in existence after earthly death would like to go to Paradise, their home, from whence their forebears, Adam and Eve, were expelled, but they do not know where Paradise is, or the road map to it. They know there is an Almighty Creator of All, but have a misconception of Him. As it can be seen in especially today’s Church hymns, sermons and prayers, He is at best seen as a servant of man or at best an errand boy! That is why we ask Him to invoke Holy Ghost fire upon our enemies, find us husbands and wives, make our businesses roll in American Dollars even if they run counter to His Will. We believe we are so important to God that He would do anything to save us from damnation, including the offering of His Son, Jesus, to us, to be murdered by us before He would be happy with us and then forgive us our sins against His commandments. If God is this kind of God, could He not have spared Himself the trouble of sending Jesus to the earth and just forgive our terrible sins? We pay no serious attention to those teachings of Jesus which proclaimed He had not come to die for the sins of anyone.

There is a statement He made during the Last supper which I do not gloss over…He knew He was in the terrain of the Darkness where Lucifer presides through the surrender to Him of the free will of men. As the Love of God, He came to this terrain of the Darkness not because of the entire humanity, but because of those few human souls who were being choked by the thorns of evil, who nevertheless would not give up their longing to belong to God. Meanwhile, all the men of the pulpit, who claimed to be servants of this same God, had distorted all the great and small truths about Him which they fed to their congregations as tinsel in the place of spiritual bread. Jesus brought the Light of God to this earth to light up the jungle of untruths and free those among mankind who wished to escape from the suffocating hold of the Darkness as the Final Judgement irresistibly approached.

In modern thinking, we can say this Judgement had been programmed into Creation and is inerasable. This judgement was to be released by another of Whom Jesus spoke (when He the spirit of Truth is come…), and Who is proclaimed in The Book of Revelations 1:4-6. (Peace from Him which was, Which is and Which is to come).

We should not forget that Jesus had departed before the Book of Revelations advised us about that Person “which is to come”, and told us also “And peace, also, from Jesus…” These lines suggest Jesus came as a last help for the salvation of humanity before the coming of that “Which is to come”, or the Spirit of Truth as Jesus would advise us before His departure.

These concepts have been distorted to imply that Jesus will return to judge the world. This is dangerous because concepts are keys which enable us unlock one door after another on our way homewards, to Paradise, before the Final judgement.

We must hurry back to that important statement of Jesus during the Last Supper. Recognising that the Darkness had thickened through the co-operation of men, and that the Darkness had even penetrated the ranks of His Disciples in the person of Judas Iscariot, Jesus had told Judas it would have been better for him if he was not born. And, having been born, it would have been better for Judas if lead was tied round his neck and he was drowned in a river or at sea. If Jesus came to die for sins of humanity, He would not have told Judas so. For Judas was one of the many people in the so-called beyond who petitioned to be permitted to partake of this High Mission he was now set to help the priests abort. It takes a knowledge of the structure of Creation to grasp this.

God, the Creator, stands outside Creation, surrounded by surging worlds of fire. Far, far, far below this surging lies the worlds of the Queen of heaven, Elizabeth, Archangels, Angels and the Elders. Elizabeth is often seen in radiated pictures from there holding a baby. She was to be attacked with this baby by Lucifer because this child, someday, will embark on a Mission to arrest and bind Lucifer and then declare the millennium. He is often seen carried by Elizabeth because He was in the infancy of His Mission, preparations of which took thousands of years according to earthly conceptions. These events, in the worlds or realms of Angels, were permitted to be seen in visions by John the Baptist who, meanwhile, had returned to his home in that part of Paradise, where perfect beings live who are the “Images of God” reported in Genesis of the Bible. We earth-men are not those perfect beings and, therefore, are not made in the “Image of God” as we erroneously believe. Rather, we are shadows of those “Images”, and live far, far, far below them in Paradise. Just as Archangels and Angels cannot cross the surging worlds of fire to God Almighty, and as the “Images of God” cannot cross over to the worlds of the Angels without being burnt out, we earth men, too, cannot cross over to the worlds of these “Images” without being etherised. Elizabeth holding the Baby Who will one day wrest the Holy Spear from Lucifer should educate us about the caring and tending roles assigned to the female form even in the highest of heights. We can see a misconception of these roles among women on earth who struggle to be men.

Jesus came to the earth ahead of this Child of Whom the Revelation says “Peace From Him Which Is…Which is to come”. Jesus would describe Him as “the Spirit of Truth” who would not come if Jesus did not go away. Radiated images of Elizabeth and this child are misconstrued as Mary, the earthly Mother of Jesus, and Jesus. Mary was an earth woman. Elizabeth comes from far, far, far above the “Images of God”. Mary is not even an “Image of God”. These radiated pictures travelled past the worlds of the Angels, where there was rejoicing that one from an Origin higher than theirs would soon engage Lucifer in a final battle. For only One from an Origin higher than Lucifer’s could bind Him and wrest the Holy Spear from Him. He was given this spear when He was assigned the responsibility of leading immature human spirit germs longing for maturity out of Paradise to the material worlds far, far, far below, the outpost of which is the earth. The Spear surges the Divine Power. Lucifer developed self- will, abandoned the Commandment that He tend these immature germs in the spirit of SERVING LOVE. Rather, He introduced the principle of TEMPTATION and would tempt even Jesus.

The Last Supper beckons still. But before then…Like the tidings of Elizabeth and the child, tidings of the Mission of Jesus to the earth swept through the spheres. Thus, Angels would accompany Him to the earth (Heavenly Host on Holy Night). Created Images of God would not be left out either. Ahead of the arrival of Jesus, John the Baptist arrived has His forerunner. The Bible reports that when Mary the Mother of Jesus went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, the Mother of John, both pregnancies leapt with joy. John the Baptist came from one of the lower spheres in the Realm of the Created beings or the Images of God. Below the Realms of the Created Beings or these “Images” are the Realms of the Developed Beings. These are immature spiritual beings who were not created and had to be expelled from Paradise to places such as the earth from where, if they became developed and mature, they would return home as developed beings to that part of Paradise which is far, far, far below the Paradise of the “Images of God”. Below their realms is the Animistic Realm. In this realms are the elemental beings, Nature beings and the group soul of animal found on earth. Servants of God, elemental beings brought about and maintain the lower line worlds of seven Universes. The earth belongs to the Universe Ephesus. If these beings were not filled with revulsion at the murder of Jesus, such events as the darkening of the sun in daylight, rushing of the wind and thunder claps would not have occurred. They certainly did not occur in salutation of the deed. These events and the shredding of the curtains of the Holy of Holies persuaded the mob which demanded the crucifixion of Jesus hours before to remorsely agree that He was the Son of God. Sensing public venom against their deed, the priest would say Jesus came to cart their sins away. This deceit stuck till this day.

As tidings of the Mission of Jesus spread throughout the Universe, many longed to partake of the It. Moses and Elijah appeared with him at his Transfiguration. The 12 Disciples and the Four Wise Men similarly came with him. So did the Star of Bethlehem from the realm of the “Images of God”. At the appointed Hour, guided paths of the 12 met with those of the Messiah, and they followed Him. Judas, one of them, misconceived this Mission in too earthly a way. Vanity overtook him as it overtakes many of us in almost everything. I am speaking here of the penchant to show off. Judas was not in the inner caucus of three disciples. But Vanity made him wish to be. He arranged with generals of the Jewish Resistance Army to crown Jesus KING OF THE JEWS during the PASSOVER feast. Through His work, Jesus had become popular, to the annoyance and fright of the Jewish religious orders who felt their authority, influence and power threatened by Him. The generals, through Judas, wished to use Jesus to start a revolution which would topple Roman rule. They and Judas organised a triumphant entry into Jerusalem for Jesus. But, in the Temple, Jesus declared that MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD and He would preach THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MEN. The generals would be infuriated. Judas would be saddened. Lucifer, the Anti-christ, would tempt Judas to take his game plan to the Sandhedrin. They had been unable to identify, arrest and prosecute Jesus. Judas would identify Christ with a kiss of friendship. He believed the trial and arrest of Jesus would rouse the mob into a revolution. Jesus would be arrested, tried and crucified. Even Pontius Pilate, who was a Mission member, would fear for his job and buckle, as men are want to do, although his wife was guided three times in dreams to warn him to release Jesus. Why was she so frantically guided to warn him if Jesus came to die for the sins of man? Did Judas not commit suicide when he realised the damage he caused the Mission for which he was well prepared?

Back to the Upper Chamber and to that important statement of Jesus. The Mission of Jesus was not His death on the cross to save men from their sins which would, through the death be forgiven by God. His death could not bring redemption and salvation to man. It is the TRUTH which He brought that could, for whoever exerts himself or herself to live It. The Truth frees man from the dogmas of religion which chokes and fetters the spirit. Jesus came to explain to man the relation between God, Creation and mankind.

At the Last Supper, He said: “Take, eat, this is my body…and drink ye all of it. This is my blood which is shed as a testament of the new covenant for the salvation of many…” He said “for many”, not “for all”.

Jesus knew His death was inevitable now. The mob and the religious order werealigned against Him and one of His disciples was in tandem with the enemy. He could flee if He so wished. But this would discredit His Mission, which was the redemption or salvation for those human spirits who longed for it in the Word or Message which He brought to them from their Creator, the Almighty Father, as the Last or Final Judgement approached. Jesus would stand by the Word, and be ready to have His blood shed as a Seal that His Message was the Truth and came from God. The Darkness was sad that He did not flee. For if he did, He and His Message would be ridiculed. Already, He had been branded as common carpenter’s son unlettered to speak, let alone teach, about the God head.

Thus, Jesus did, murdered by the same people who claimed to be earthly representatives of His father, Whose son they eagerly awaited for the salvation and redemption of His Creatures.

In some articles posted on, you would find explanations about how all of this, and more, is the handiwork of the Anti-Christ, that fighter against Christ, who seeks always to derail the Mission of Jesus and to distort His teachings. Where He succeeds, valuable concepts are distorted. These distortions rob man of the capacity to recognise reality. And without this, man would plod in the Darkness and be lost in the Final Judgement.

Look at some of the distorted concepts. The average Christian today believes that when we die, we would remain in the grave in perfect peace until Resurrection Morning when, in a rapture, all who “slept in the Lord” would be awakened to meet with the triumphant Jesus in the clouds. Some teachings say that the departed stay in the purgatory until Judgement day. Christians do not ask themselves: Did the poor man in the story of Lazarus and the Rich man stay in the grave or in a purgatory? How come Moses and Elijah were still alive and working with Jesus, as seen in the Transfiguration of Jesus? Stephen Lampe’s book, THE CHRISTIAN AND REINCARNATION shows the Christian who is alive in spirit like the Five Wise Virgins how the Darkness robbed Christianity of the valuable knowledge of re-incarnation at the Conference of Bishops in AD 553 and onwards.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. Symbolically, it reminded us of the Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. Tomorrow is Good (Bad) Friday. It reminds us of the Crucifixion of Jesus. On Sunday, we would be reminded of His Resurrection. This, too, has been draped in distortions. Then on Monday, we would be reminded of His Ascension 40 days after the crucifixion and of the promise of the Second Coming. Again, many Christians look forward to this great event like sleeping or sleepy souls, like the five Foolish Virgins, expecting to hear loud physical trumpets in the skies, not realising that the quantum events of high magnitude today are those Trumpets. Economies are falling apart with frightening rapidity. Poverty is growing at alarming rates despite abundance of the wealth of nations. Killings outside global wars are more than in two major world wars. The climate is changing rapidly. Water tides are rising. Beaches and Islands are lost. Diseases are defying cures and becoming deadlier. Sorrow and anguish fill many souls than they never did before. Could the forces of the Final Judgement have been released when mankind was least expecting and looking in other directions for these signs? Didn’t they look for the Messiah in Jesus from the ranks of the learned whereas He came as a Carpenter’s son?

These are some of the thoughts which cross my mind during events of the Christian calendar, such as Christmas and Easter. They are better not spent in the revelry of wining, dancing and dining and the likes of them when the time may be better spent in the contemplation of many subjects, especially the distortion of the Mission of the Lord Jesus to the earth.



  1. gifty

    March 29, 2018 at 11:03 AM

    Is the author a christian?

  2. Metu Nyetu

    March 29, 2018 at 2:22 PM

    ONE REASON WHY IT IS highly necessary for a Christian to know the truth and be able to defend that truth is because of occasions like this. Waves of strange teachings are bound to come like gales and sweep a shallow-footed Christian away.

    HOW MANY CHRISTIANS WHO FLY from one pastor to another, from one church to another, would be able to engage this writer with reasonable talks. Christians are more concerned about miracles than knowing the truth, forgetting that Jesus said that “the truth(not miracles or signs) shall set you free”. A particular pastor based in Port Harcourt keeps saying that if your church does not change you, then change church. My grouse with this statement is that the change spoken about is strictly materialistic, not having anything to do with one’s salvation. And as I ween, no pastor should be bold enough to speak of that kind of change as his prime message when Jesus had said we should make the kingdom of God our primary concern and all other things shall be added unto us. I am just speaking my mind.

    AS FOR THIS WRITE-UP, I THANK God I am not deceived by it. The writer can only deceive “Floating Christians”, not “Rooted Christians”. To start with, he claims that Jesus is not coming back again, forgetting(or unaware of) the account in the gospel of where Jesus says, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will COME AGAIN, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.(John 14: 1-4, KJV). Coupling this up is the book of Acts when the disciples of Jesus were gazing intently at Him as He disappeared in to the skies. Suddenly, two angels stood by them and asked, “Men of Galilee, why are you standing here staring into heaven? Jesus has been taken from you into heaven, but someday he will RETURN from heaven in the same way you saw him go!”(ACTS 1:11, New Living Translation). This proves that this writer is on a mission to deceive.

    GOING FURTHER, THIS WRITER ALSO CLAIMS that the death of Jesus on the cross could not bring redemption and salvation to man, but the Truth He brought could. And I ask, what is even that truth? It now dawns on me that this writer does not even know the truth. In the old testament times, God once unleashed snakes against the Israelites on account of their stubbornness. Those who were bitten by the serpents died. But God later showed them mercy and commanded Moses to mould a bronze serpent set on a pole. And every Israelite who was able to look at that snake curled round the pole was saved from death.(Numbers 21)

    LONG BEFORE JESUS WAS crucified, God kept using several means to pass this message to mankind, that Jesus was going to be crucified. That is why Jesus said that just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes(looks at him on the cross) may have eternal life in him (John 3:14-15). This goes to show that it was through this death on the cross that man is saved, not by knowing whatever truth I can’t tell, which the writer is talking about.

    THIS IS why Christians regard the death of Jesus as victory over death. It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal this truth, and I know that this writer does not possesses the Holy Spirit, or he would have not been here suggesting that Jesus failed His mission. Time would not permit me to touch every issue raised here, but if this writer wishes, he could engage me one-on-one using my email,, and perhaps, we would finally see things how they truly are.

    Posted at

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