Ese Oruru Freed By Husband As Kano’s Emir Sanusi Directs Sharia Court To Secure Her Release

ese oruru freed

February 29, 2016 – Ese Oruru Released By Hausa Husband As Kano’s Emir Sanusi Directs Sharia Court To Secure Her Release

At last Ese Oruru has regained her freedom 6 months after she was married off to an Hausa man simply identified as Yunusa.

We learnt that the quick intervention of Emir Sanusi and Kano State Sharia Commission helped to secure her release today.

Ese who is now 14 year-old is in the process of getting reunited with her parents in Opolo area of Bayelsa state where she was forcibly taken.

Stay in touch as this story unfolds.

12 thoughts on “Ese Oruru Freed By Husband As Kano’s Emir Sanusi Directs Sharia Court To Secure Her Release

  1. Wonder shall never seize from happening around us. The story is inclusive because it appears that criminal Yunusa married this girl from Balyesa state to become his wife in Kano. There won’t be need for great Emir Sanusi intervention before the so called Sharia commission if Ese Oruru was kidnapped from her parents. I personally want to thank our able Emir of Kano for his fatherly rule in this regard. Our Southern states governors and our legislative arms should come up with anti child trafficking and underage marriage laws to protect our young girls from been forced into any form of arranged or unaged marriage. I don’t understand the manner of parents, religion, and state government that will allow a girl of 17 year old or less to be force into unwilling marriage. This is not a condemnation of any faith or religious. But our dumb and corrupt politicians mostly at the state level should come with laws to protect our powerless and voiceless teenagers that have been humiliated and battered into marrying criminals as husbands because of immorality, indecency, and poverty of their parents. There is God oooooo!

  2. Ugly girl, all these na just to 4k u so stop letting that charm finish u and obediently return to your parents. Why ur eye never clear even now wey u dey to meet ur parents. Ur ashawo gateway too wide for d devil.

  3. @Omokehinde if you wan make sanusi 4k u go arrange with am for private. stop doing sabi sabi interest in stolen Nigerian money. Every time na thank fatherly love u dey show am on this matter. Na ur old nash dem for scatter. U go die hungry. monk*y banana!

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