Evans Kidnapper Names Businessmen Who Provided Victims Information & Shared Ransoms With Him

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June 24, 2017 – Kidnapper Evans Gives Police Names Of Popular Businessmen Who Provided Victims Information,Shared Ransoms With Him On A 60-40 % Basis

Just yesterday NaijaGists.com shared with you a report on how the police have been honouring Billionaire kidnapper Evans in detention and how his sponsors allegedly offered top police chiefs huge money to get him soft landing.

After several denials, the kidnap gang leader has finally admitted that some prominent businessmen from the South East were the ones who provided detail information on the people he kidnapped in the past.

He added that these are the ones who own the major part of the ransoms he collected from victims.

According to a top police source, Evans has given police investigators lots of names of popular businessmen who are currently being tracked.

He also disclosed that some of his accomplices from the South East who are into drug trafficking in Europe are the ones forcing him to collect ransoms in foreign currencies.

Evans said he shares the ransoms on a 60-40% basis.

He reportedly threatened to make public announcement if police refused to arrest the businessmen he mentioned.

6 thoughts on “Evans Kidnapper Names Businessmen Who Provided Victims Information & Shared Ransoms With Him

  1. Let him name those law enforcers on his payroll, operated successfully all these years without their cover is impossible.

    The next fear is they will definitely eliminate him soonest and said he committed suicide. Lawless country.

  2. This case is getting more interesting. This guy appears to have more secret than what he earlier divulged when he was first arrested. Now it has become so glaring that this guy is not alone. There are some underground accomplices who people see look as successful business men, stakeholder, community chiefs giving Evans the information about possible target.

    There is an old saying “One’s death usually comes from his own people” If somebody in your household never gives you up to the enemy it is very difficult for an outsider to give you up.

    I have mentioned it before that decadence of our society was orchestrated by people we called leaders in our society. I believed Evans confession on this one even though I hate him for his atrocities. There are some evil people who aided him in flourishing in kidnapping business, they must be arrested too. May God saves us from enemy within.

  3. The bruised eye helped “persuade” him to confess I guess. God is God and every heartless person working to keep Nigerians in bondage in our country will be exposed and punished. Mchwweeeeeew!

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