Ex-Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam Evicted From Official House

gabriel suswam evicted

Nov 14, 2015 – Benue Govt Evicts Ex-Governor Gabriel Suswam From Official Government Guest House, Atom Kpera Lodge

Benue State Executive Council ( EXCO) has revoked one of Government Guest houses allocated to the immediate past governor Gabriel Suswam and asked him to vacate the building immediately.

The EXCO stated that it witnessed irregularities in the allocation of the Lodge, which is located in high brow Lobi quarters, and named after a former military governor of Benue state.

In a letter conveying the revocation to the governor, signed by the Head of Service ( HOS), dated 11, Nov. 2015 and which was obtained exclusively by The Nation from the office of the Head of Service states as follows:

” This is to inform you that Benue State Executive Council on 11/ 11/ 2015, deliberated on the purchase on the said property ( Atom Kpera Lodge) and discovered that, there was fundamental irregularities in the process that led to the transaction, which amount to abuse of power, and approved that notice of revocation on you through my office. ”

The letter which was addressed to Gabriel Suswam further reads: Take notice that on the strength of the foregoing, the sub-lease to you by Benue State Government of Atom Kpera lodge,No. GP.415 ,Makurdi is hereby revoked and you are to deliver the vacant possession of the said property to my office ( HOS) with out further notice.

The letter concluded by stating that: “We desire that the good counsel will prevail and you will comply with the note appropriately please.”

[National Mirror]

7 thoughts on “Ex-Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam Evicted From Official House

  1. if not for corruption that granted him an opportunity to be a governor this thief and criminal should be acting comedy like Mr Ibu, idiot

  2. This man that call himsef suswam is heartless. He drained benue state of every penny. Over 100b can not be accounted for in the state. No develpment or new infrastructure anywhere. he refused to pay workers salary of over 8month which lead to the death of so many workers. He has almost all d filling stations and hotel in d state. Him and his wife took everything away, leaving d state in a terrible state. This evil man should be made to bring back everything he has stolen. EFCC pls ensure u do this fast.

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