Fayemi’s Supporter APC Member William Ayegoro Assassinated In Ado Ekiti


fayemi supporter williams ayegoro murdered ado ekiti

A key supporter of Ekiti state governorship candidate, Fayemi in Ado Ekiti has been murdered.

William Ayegoro, a top youth leader was riding his motorcycle on Igbehin Street in Atikankan area of Ado Ekiti when some suspected assassins shot him on the head.

He was rushed to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital where he died in the early hours of today.

Eyewitnesses said the attackers rode past the deceased, the rider applied the brake and one of them shot Ayegoro on the head.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Caleb Ikechukwu, said he has not been briefed on the killing.

11 thoughts on “Fayemi’s Supporter APC Member William Ayegoro Assassinated In Ado Ekiti

  1. When Niyi Adebayo, Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi were in power, there was never a case of assasination but with Fayose in the picture, there must always be bloodshed

    • I think you need to really look at history before making comments, not in love with him do not make him the Satan of Ekiti state, we know what the history of the three governors you mentioned are when it comes to political violence, we are youths and the future of this great state, we should not play this politics like the old ones where we based our argument on personal hatred, for Fayose, he has his positives and negatives but his achievement supersedes that of the three governors you mentioned put together, evidence are there to show hus acheivements. Please note that am not a politician neither am I an Ekiti indigene, but a political analyst.

      • can you showcase fayose achievement that supersede fayemi? Please mention give major achievement and I will mention 15 for fayemi. we all leave I’m here.

  2. a very bad development, political characteristic of PDP. APC has its own shortcomings but it is a peaceful party. may the soul of the deceased rest in peace. Nigerians has matured above such level, any party that engages in Bloodshedding will be voted out.

  3. who knows the shooters, why jumping into a conclusion that Fayose send them. Our prayers should be ,the killers should be exposed and God almighty should put an end to violent in our land

  4. What are u argue about by the way who is fayemi he has failed ekiti people once so he should stay on low key nd forget that is coming back to rule ekiti state

  5. God answers my question according to the way I ask Him, who is next Governor of EKITI state between FAYEMI and Eleka, answer, non of the above, then I was afraid,.

  6. Fayemi is our next governor by HIS Grace fayose continuity is a scam that has failed already, Ekiti is too big to be ruled by an unruly ,arrogant, garrulous emperor. July 14 on my mind

  7. Someone was assassinated, you shifted the line of debate to who wins the next elections! Where is your human feelings?
    May that young man’s soul rest in peace.

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