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FG’s Plan To Hire Former Boko Haram Members Into The Nigerian Army & Police A Security Risk – CAN Warns

nigerian army hire former boko haram members

CAN Warns Against FG’s Plan To Hire Former Boko Haram Members Into The Nigerian Army & Police

………..Slams Planned Execution Of 5 Christian Youths Sentenced To Death For Killing Fulani Herdsman In Adamawa

The Christian Association of Nigeria has cautioned the FG to caution the Adamawa State Government against the hasty execution of 5 Christian youths sentenced to death over the murder of a Fulani herdsman.

This was made known in a statement signed on Tuesday by CAN President, Rev Samson Ayokunle in Abuja.

Rev Ayokunle said the five convicts were allegedly to have on June 1, 2017, “willfully and intentionally conspired and attacked three herdsmen rearing cattle, at Kadamun village in Demsa Local Government Area, Adamawa State”.

He said the convicts killed one of the herdsmen, Adamu Buba, whose body was thrown into a river and also maimed several cows.

According to him, Justice Abdul-Azeez Waziri of a High Court in Adamawa State recently sentenced the convicts to death for culpable homicide.

The statement reads:

“The names of the convict are Alex Amos, Alheri Phanuel, Holy Boniface, Jerry Gideon and Jari Sabagi.

“CAN is not supporting jungle justice or any criminality.

“But hundreds of our members in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Taraba, Plateau states in the Northcentral geo-political zones and a state like Enugu in the South have been killed.

“Some criminals parading themselves as Fulani herdsmen are still killing our members on a daily basis, but are yet to be apprehended.

“Citizens stood helpless at the massacre of their peaceful fellow Nigerians, the international community watched in anguish how government security agencies could not bring perpetrators of these heinous killings to book.

“Donald Trump, President of U.S had expressed sadness over killings of Christians in Nigeria.”

Ayokunle, however, said despite the outrage that has trailed the killings of Christians in Nigeria, it was disheartened that none of the killers has been brought to justice.

“We are shocked at the speed of light deployed by security and judicial officers in sentencing the alleged killers of the herdsman in Adamawa State.

“Why did the court discharge the alleged killers of Madam Bridget Agbahime on the orders of the Kano State Government?

“Why have security officials not arrested those behind the killings of Christians in Southern Kaduna? While did Nigeria Police set free those arrested for the murder of Mrs. Eunice Elisha Olawale in Kubwa, Abuja.

“In view of this, CAN is calling on President Buhari to intervene in the death sentence passed on these Christian youths in Adamawa,” he said.

Ayokunle said CAN has directed its legal team to secure and study the text of the judgment with a view to preventing a miscarriage of justice and a future re-occurence.

In a related development, he said CAN is visibly disturbed at reports that the Federal Government has allegedly directed the Nigerian Army and Police to recruit some former members of Boko Haram terrorists who recently underwent deradicalisation programme.

“If it is true, CAN condemns such a policy in strong terms and ask the Federal Government, especially security agencies, to withdraw such directive which is capable of compromising the nation’s security system,” he said.




  1. Seye Olumofin

    June 20, 2018 at 4:38 AM

    If this directive is true, I will tell all my brothers in the army to quit. Buhari be ready to return to Daura next year.
    Tinubu you are a disappointment

  2. Nifemi Brooklyn

    June 20, 2018 at 4:40 AM

    Buhari must be in a state of mental coma to issue such deadly order

  3. Mon

    June 20, 2018 at 5:02 AM

    People need to know that so many Nigerian soldiers are Boko harams, especially those in South East and Middle belt, they were deliberately posted there to be killing innocent civilians.

  4. Easa

    June 20, 2018 at 5:42 AM

    Why do we have foolish people in CAN’s cabinet chamber? you r always talking politics, don’t u have another vision apart from this? Or u r telling me ur god is a politician? Must u lie to make ur religion popular? CAN is a disappointment… Always against Buhari. Political pastors, Vision seers

    • Geoffrey

      June 20, 2018 at 12:47 PM

      the daily evil plans of the wicked leaders most be exposed, if not by you who know this secret, then by CAN who live to Defend the interest ofhelpless Nigerians. Do not think you are safe under the siege of the evil bees. You can’t dare the God of Christian because You need him now. You know yourself THOSE WHO TROUBLE THE PEACE of Nigeria.

  5. DB

    June 20, 2018 at 9:03 AM

    Little wonder some were allowed to use arabic language to write police recruitment exams as reported. They have no idea about the use of English. I am quite sure all the amnesty intended for bokoharam members was to recruit them into the Nigerian army and police. Well, it is no news that all this set up is disaster waiting to happen. As for the Christians speedily convicted in Adamawa for killing herdsmen and the one in Akoko, Ondo state, this only goes to show why the herdsmen are so confident in going about their killing spree. They have the right to kill but must never be killed, since their kinsmen are the ones in authority. The country called Nigeria as of today is a bloody joke! There is nothing one about Nigeria but a joke. It is high time we do the needful by disallowing this evil to continue. #veryannoying


    June 20, 2018 at 9:05 AM


  7. Amanda

    June 20, 2018 at 4:00 PM

    CAN organization needs to be banned for life. It suffers from insecurity complex. Was it not the same CAN that accused JAMB of Arabic inscription only to find out later the allegation is rubbish. Shaking my head.

    Everything is islamisation. All these yrs when everything was in their favor we didn’t get no complaints.

    Now here is what MKO’s wrote recently.



    I will only respond because my Sister Mo Demie asked for my view…

    Please nobody should abuse my late father here o, I didn’t come to your page to comment: All this sudden noise and write up to show that “Buhari was playing politics”……

    When did it become a crime for politicians to play politics?
    Were they not voted in to play politics?
    Will it be wrong to develop our roads, infrastructure, free education, return oil blocks to the State instead of individuals?
    What is this noise all about?
    Jonathan was voted for by the South West in 2011, the same SW voted for Buhari in 2015, what is all this noise all about the SW going for Buhari?
    Obasanjo, the direct beneficiary of #June12 is from the same State with MKO, why didn’t he play politics and declare June 12?

    Jonathan had opportunity for 5 years to do same, he rather gave Abacha from the North posthumous honor, pardoned Ex-convict from the West, Alams from the South…
    What do you call that?
    Is that politics or chemistry?
    16 years opportunity to acknowledge #June12 they refused to use the #PoliticalUndertone…

    So are you expecting Buhari to use Biological or Chemical undertone to take such decision?

    Why are you guys fixated about those supporting Buhari, is it not a choice and must you dictate to others?
    You brought up religious sentiments prio to 2015 election, yet blamed Buhari fr being the religious bigot….

    Jonathan was running from one Church to another, Sambo openly told them in the North that they must not vote for Buhari because Osinbajo is a Pastor of a big Church….Who is a religious bigot here?

    I mean, who was running from one religious organisation to another in 2015 because of politics? Pastor Bosun came up with that sudden apostasy, wrapped up Jonathan PDP politics in the name of “wake up call” message.

    I’m happy that I’m still here. I asked him when most of you were analyzing that heretic message that “Jonathan is fulfilling prophecy”…..

    I asked a simple question: “Which prophecy is Jonathan”? Pastor Bosun went ahead to say “even if the Islamic party (APC) presents a Christian Governor in Lagos, you must not vote for him, you must vote for the other party(PDP)…… Wait, who was using religion?

    Obasanjo removed Senate Presidents at will, removed any opposing voice, removed Fayose for a small insult, removed Ladoja with thugs in Ibadan….Who are you calling “DICTATOR”? Muhammadu Buhari………

    Obasanjo withheld Lagos State fund for 3 years, not minding how Lagosians would eat, Yaradua got there and released the fund…

    NASS members were abusing Buhari openly, messing up everything at will, Fayose has been abusing Buhari for 4 years now…..

    Not a single State in Nigeria has been denied their constitutional rights because of politics till date, all their funds, Paris fund, bail out, FAAC etc… But who is the DICTATOR? BUHARI.

    Jonathan ensured that NASS opposition members were locked out including Tambuwa the Speaker of the house. They had to climb gate to gain access…..

    Jonathan empowered OPCs in Lagos and they were destroying anything in Ikorodu to Ojota that looked like opposition party. Orga of DSS was used to invade APC secretariat, Journalist arrested and Newspapers siezed, we forgot all these….

    Ekiti was militarised, Fayose was given power from Aso rock to order Military guys at will. Fayemi the incumbent at that moment was rendered powerless that he was shouting when Police commissioner was used by PDP and a guy was shot…All these videos and pictures are still here (google is your friend)…

    But who is the dictator? BUHARI. Jonatahn met FX+ECA at $62 billion+. He DEPLETED it to less than $30 Billion in 5 years Jonathan sold crude oil for 5 years at an average of $100 per barrel of 2.2 million daily (2010-2014). Did he add a DIME to Nigeria purse in 5 years? NO.

    Buhari the ILLITERATE sold oil at an average of $50 of less than 700,000 barrel at some points because of militancy, yet had moved that FX to $47 Billion in 3 years. Don’t say how much did he borrow if you don’t even have the figure borrowed between 2010-2015 without adding a dime to FX. Who is the ILLITERATE? BUHARIIII.

    Jide Omokore, Aluko and oil goddess Alinson made an oil deal of N1 trillion and chose not to remit to Nigeria under GEJ. Did anyone raise eyebrow? INTEL of Atiku refused to remit to NPA, not until last year that “ordinary” Hadiza the NPA boss challenged INTEL and insisted the funds must be remitted.

    A Christian Professor had been leading JAMB all through Obasanjo to Jonathan yet for 40 years of JAMB, only N52 Million was remitted to FG….A Muslim Professor who was appointed just in two years of handling JAMB remitted over N15 Billion……FIFTEEN BILLION ooO….

    So who is following after righteousness? For five years of Okonjo Iweala was paying over 45,000 ghost workers unabated, yet just within 3 years, “ordinary” Kemi Adeosun removed such nonsense…I ask again who is more effective? Ordinary Abuja metro lane took 11 years from OBJ period that he I IT

  8. Danti

    June 20, 2018 at 11:00 PM

    This must be April fool joke in June! If this is true, then Nigerians are in deep shit

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