Funke Akindele’s Husband’s Mistress Gives Birth To Baby Boy (Seventh Child)

funke akindele husband 7th child

Feb 21, 2013 – Funke Akindele’s Husband’s Mistress Gives Birth To Baby Boy, Seventh Child

Do you guys remember a lady identified as Modinat Dada who spoke up last year days after Funke Akindele‘s glamorous wedding to Oshodi big boy, Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede?, if you missed it read it here

Modinat Dada has given birth to Almaroof’s seventh child in Lagos. We learnt Modinat delivered her baby boy on January 23rd, 2013.

According to her, Funke Akindele’s husband dated her few years back after he paid a visit to her sister’s shop in Oshodi.

Almaroof happened to be the owner of the rented shop then. One thing led to the other, they started dating and he allegedly got her pregnant.

We also gathered that a low-key baby naming ceremony took place at Modinat’s mom’s house in Agege area of Lagos State in the absence of Almaroof who reportedly denied the pregnancy.

Yoruba actress Funke Akindele aka Jenifa got married to the father of seven children in May 2012 in a glamorous setting in Lagos state.

Top Nollywood stars graced the ceremony. See Funke Akindele’s wedding pictures here if you missed it.

11 thoughts on “Funke Akindele’s Husband’s Mistress Gives Birth To Baby Boy (Seventh Child)

  1. I dont understand why this Funke Akindele will marry a man ,that have millions of children with didffernt women and wifes,still be happy to say this is my lovely husband.afterall she have money popularity than this man,i cant just understand,why on earth go for this man, he must be good in bed,some women like sex than any other thing in this world,i sorry for her future marriage life.

  2. Funke,
    In as much as I love your movies, I dont like this idea of you getting married to a married man.Not only this, getting married to a man who cannot control his sexual desires is shameful. This Modinat happened to be his tenant, can you imagine how many of his tenants he would have slept with. Perhaps if you have waited a little longer, your bone of bone would have come soughting after you.
    Well I can only wich you peace in this marriage and the strenght to weather all (any) controversy that might come along the way.

  3. Funke,thank God you are an actress because when the whole drama begins it will not be strange to you. You of all people in this mess,shame on you!

  4. Hmmm!such is life! Funke is reaping wat she sowed. Let her conscience judge her.All u dat love dating married men and breaking homes,learn dat law of karma is real!

  5. Who knows whether Deary Funke did not know about all the adventures of this guy. The guy appears to be just a business man who have all the time in the world to blend into Deary’s schedules… Such is what busy professionals like Funke call LOVE.Funke’s fans should forgive her; she is working so so hard to satisfy their taste.The only thing for me be say if he should mess up with my dear funke, he go see hell from fans like me.Good luck Ogbeni Oloyede.

  6. yes, she can say’my lovely husband outside, but pity myself inside’ to me, she will still be a sinle mother not physically but mentally. let her be.every one has his or her own problem to solve. gud luck oooooooooo

  7. look at the mistress, gosh she looks 40. women are despreate now adays. young ladys abeg, born wetin u wan born before 30 becos all the 30old women now are looking for your guy.

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