Goat With Allah Written On Skin Up For Sale For £128,000

Oct 28, 2012 – Goat With Allah Written On Skin Up For Sale For £128,000 In India

A valued goat with Allah written on it’s skin in Arabic language has been made available for sale in India for a whopping £128,000 price tag. www.naijagists.com

The goat’s owner, 37-year-old Islam Bhati who lives in Rajasthan in India, is attempting to sell his finest goat for 11, 000,000 rupees to a Muslim family celebrating the Eid al-Adha celebration.

The 2-yr-old goat is organic and has the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic imprinted on the right side of his belly fur. T

The goat owner said: ‘It is a premium animal and I feel fortunate to own him. We have looked after this goat like our child and he’s the most beneficial goat around.

Bhati, who runs a family-owned marble business, bought the goat from a neighborhood farm two years’ back.

He said: ‘I noticed the inscriptions right after I bought him. I knew it was holy. Given that we took him into our home we’ve taken care of him and fed him pulses, fresh tree leaves and dry fruit. His meat will be really good.’

He placed an ad online last week requesting 11 million rupees however, no one has come forward yet.

Mr Bhati said: ‘The most I’ve been offered so far is 2.5 million rupees (£30,000) but I refused. If anything this goat is a priceless animal. I will only sell it for the asking price. And when I sell it, I’ll give 50 per cent of the money to a local orphanage. We’ll miss him when he’s gone but there cannot be a better occasion to sell him.’

Muslims sacrifice a goat or a sheep on the eve of Eid-al-Adha to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail on God’s command.