Islamic Terror Sect Beheads Canadian Tourist Kidnapped In The Philippines..RIP Robert Hall

canadian beheaded in the Philippines

June 13, 2016 – Canadian Tourist Beheaded In The Philippines By Abu Sayyaf Islamic Terror Sect… RIP Robert Hall

A dreaded Islamic terror sect based in Southern Philippines today beheaded a Canadian tourist kidnapped while vacationing few months ago.

The militants executed 50-year-old Robert Hall because Canada refused to pay the $13million ransom payment demanded to free him.

A spokesman for the terror sect, identified as Abu Raami, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Hall’s body would be found somewhere in the downtown area of Jolo island, 1,000 kilometres south of Manila.

Hall was the 2nd vacationer from Canada to be executed by the Abu Sayyaf sect.

11 thoughts on “Islamic Terror Sect Beheads Canadian Tourist Kidnapped In The Philippines..RIP Robert Hall

  1. I would like to know what this girl called Amanda has to say to this.

    She‘s one lone campaigner on this forum who can never see anything wrong in whatever her muslim brothers do.

    There are about 25 main relegions in the World today apart from other minor ones but only islam represents “TERROR“ yet sombody who claims to be in his/ her right senses still has the temerity to defend them and paint their evil actions that‘s so glaring for the world to see with a white colour. I pity people who are afraid to admit the truth and call spade a spade and rather chose to calling a spade a spoon.

    May God deliver us from devilish anti-christ Religion.
    RIP to Mr. Hall.


  2. after all this daily violence some people would spend a lot of time defending this demonic religion.action speaks louder than day go pass wey person no go hear say them kill person.religion of peace my foot

  3. Too bad! He had left his country happily, not knowing that he was being beckoned to his gruesome death in the Philipines. Tourists should apply more caution on where they visit. Some people have just made the world inhabbitable.

  4. bias people I don’t no what their Quran preach abt Killing some1. they derived joy in killing. may open their eyes someday

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