Kim Kardashian Denies She Wears Butt Pads, Says It Is Shapewear

kim k butt pads

July 1st, 2016 – Kanye West’s Wife Kim Kardashian Replies To Rumour That She Wore Butt Pad To Sister’s Birthday In LA [PICTURES]

Kim Kardashian Denies She Wears Butt Pads “I Only Uses Shape-wears”

The secret of what seems as the well-rounded perfect backside of controversial TV star, Kim Kardashian has been exposed.

On Monday, Kim and her ‘superman’ were spotted at the birthday ceremony of Khloe Kardashian in Los Angeles.

While leaving the event, Kim mistakenly exposed what appear to be a butt pad in her underwear.

Her black skirt was sheer enough to give an outline of what looked like butt pad in her behind.

The mother of two took to her app few hours ago to clear the air on the butt pad rumour.

In her words:

“Here’s what really happened: A couple years ago, I wore a skirt in Miami that was totally sheer. I had no idea it was SO see-through on my butt,”I definitely never want that to happen again, so now I always wear shapewear. So, the fact is: I don’t wear butt pads!” At this point, I think everyone has seen my butt naked and knows I don’t need them, LOL!”

See more viral photos of Kim K rocking her shape wear below

kim kardashian shapewears

15 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Denies She Wears Butt Pads, Says It Is Shapewear

  1. OMG she looks ugly here. Body shape all sorts. New mum of hat matter why stress yourself like this for Gods sake?

    Partying outings and all sorts it is stressful it show.

  2. You people of the world full of jealousy and issues. If she wears them, feel confidence again tell lies that there are natural and her husband OK with her wearing them what is wrong in that.

    If it makes both of them happy then fine. For some of us the whole lifestyle is very stressful.

  3. no kim kardashian no the wear butt pad,yes bcus i have seen her completely naked when she came to visit me in my bacha house at ajegule,na only her breast she put silicon.

  4. Can she breast feed a baby wit a silicon breast. Naija abeg make una no d talk waitin una no know because she breast feed baby north and saint. Pls leave stop spreading rumor dat r nt real. Anyway everyone is entitled to his opinion love u KKW

  5. Women and artificial things. Is it illogical to conclude that women do not appreciate the way that God had made them? Butt pad or shape wear, it all still means the same thing: you ain’t that perfect body that many had hitherto envied. That look there is digusting.

  6. What‘s even the big deal about this kim k of a girl? And what‘s so special about what she wears or not on this her parlour of shit she called buttocks?

    Trust me, this girl is not half as sexily shaped as our own very Toolz. Yet Grace is talking about us being jealous of her.
    For what if I may ask?
    Jealous of shit house? God forbid.

    I take a stroll…

  7. True pictures speak for themselves. kim go and tell that to the birds.Who does know the difference between shapewear and butt pad.why she so mad over heavy backside

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