Lady Fired By Employer For Not Wearing Bra To Work Laments

lady fired bra to work

June 27, 2017 – Lady Sacked By Employer  For Not Wearing Bra To Work Laments

Meet Kate Hannah, a 22-year-old lady fired by her employer because she didn’t wear a bra to work.

The lady who saw herself as a victim of circumstance took to Facebook on Sunday the 24th of June 2017 to bare her mind.

Her words:

9 thoughts on “Lady Fired By Employer For Not Wearing Bra To Work Laments

  1. THEY CALLED you stupid, I thought it was bad. But to think that you actually came to the social media to claim rights as a woman, I now believe you actually are very very verrrrrrry stupid.

  2. Lady be advised that you are not doing yourself any good here but exposing yourself further by showing that you are not a good example of a decent lady, you are actually the one that has embarrassed others and actually causing sexual commotion at ur place of work you should learn decency and must imbibe a culture where your character and action or inactions will not disturb other People and it is not that you cannot buy bra, pls lady get some home lessons

  3. This girl is a complete ignorant. She was fired for exposing her boobs at work and she came to social media to show more of his ignorancy but saying that the guy harassed her sexually. She wanted some law-suit money because she has been fired. Folks, this is how some western women come up with bunch of lies that men sexually molest them where as they are the ones creating unnecessary attention.

    What do you expect from men if you are displaying your tiddies? In the United States especially during the summer time, most women do not wear bra, you can see their boobs dangling under a light T-Shirt, most of them do not wear underwear and put on revealing dress showing their private parts, they dress so provocatively that at times you see most of them wearing short pants revealing half of their buttocks. All in the name of extreme hot weather. The US could have been rated #1 Country in indecent body exposure if its weather is summer all year round.

    • You said it all Jilo. If you live here you will see the unseen. Three quarters of them don’t put on underwear during summer and those that do put on only G-String with very short skirt and many a times purposely bend down to pick up something imaginary just for you to see their butts. As for Bra, forget it.


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