Madam Saje, Fausat Balogun’s Advice For Single Ladies

fausat balogun madam saje

Sept 12, 2012 – Madam Saje, Fausat Balogun’ Advice For Single Ladies

Veteran Nollywood actress Fausat Balogun popularly called Madam Saje in a recent interview offered what we termed motherly advice for yet to marry ladies and those preparing for marriage.

Here is what she said:

As a human being and an elderly woman in marriage, I will advise them to be sure they are really ready for marriage before going into it. This is very important. We all want to get married at some point in life. And for women, the society, in a way, has an age bracket within which you must get married.

As you are drawing nearer, the anxiety rises and as soon as you cross over that margin, you begin to consider yourself a failure. Many, because of this have allowed themselves to be pushed or forced into the arms of wrong spouses and that ruins their marriages.”

She also said, “others look at the lives of their friends and ended up choosing wrongly. It is not good to copy others. Couples should endeavour to be mature enough before getting married, they must be convinced that their spouses are just what they want and they must realise that marriage is not a bed of roses.

Many married people today have their tales of woes but because they are enduring, they have lasted this far.

They must be ready to overlook the faults of their partners knowing well that they are not perfect themselves. Good understanding of the peculiarities of a spouse’s job is another factor to be considered carefully. In short, marriage is an institution for adults and the mature.”

17 thoughts on “Madam Saje, Fausat Balogun’s Advice For Single Ladies

  1. Them go agree to hear,,,,,,,,,, them de want hummer jeep guys…………… Truly Marriage is not a bed of roses…….Why I strongly believe in this word is that I have witnessed it, despite am not married yet……..There is time when Bed of roses we arose but later on, difficult to arose again…………Really it is a union for the matured minds.Madam Saje as popularly called your advice is appreciated and welcomed…….Both Ladies and Gentle men, can they testify to this, especially ladies of this days………..

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