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Mass Killing Of Christians: Boko Haram Plans To Use Suya

Boko Haram News Update in Nigeria

Mass Killing Of Christians: Boko Haram Plans To Use Suya

boko haram poison suya

June 19, 2012 – Boko Haram Plans To Poison Suya To Kill Christians

According to a leaked report obtained by Christian Association of Nigeria, South East Zone yesterday, Boko Haram Islamic Jihadists and their sponsors have concluded their evil plans to declare holy war against southern Christians by;

  1. The deployment of over 6,000 Jihadists to the south to prosecute holy war
  2. Importing poisoned Suya powder

Everyone in the South should be very careful when eating Suya or any product that is imported from the North.

Boko Haram Plans Mass Killing Of Southern Christians In Nigeria

Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma raised the alarm at a meeting in Enugu yesterday.

He said: “We have information and documents to show that this is a Jihad being sponsored and we have our documents to show where they have dispatched 2,000 people to prepare for Jihad to South East, 2,500 to South-South and about 2,000 to South West.

The names of those who are sponsoring this are in our hand now. So, it is a form of Jihad to make sure that Nigeria is frustrated and islamized and we are saying we are going to resist it, we are prepared to resist and they will not succeed.

We have our information because there is already a Boko Haramist that was converted and has leaked most of these secrets to us and we have our document and information. So at the appropriate time we shall strike and we are waiting for them.”

“We are warning our people to be careful of suya because we have now heard that they will start poisoning people through suya. They know the suya they give themselves in the North and suya they give to the people in the South. So people should be careful of suya.

That is part of the information available to us now. There is a powder that is now being imported which they will spread on suya and after two weeks it will start eating your liver and other organs. We have gotten that information also.

The press should let the people know because when people start dying because of eating of suya don’t say I did not say as Bishop Chukwuma. I am telling you this because we have our information. As Sultan of Sokoto told our youths that he has a way of collecting information, Bishop Chukwuma also has a way of collecting information from the Muslims.

Let the Sultan hear that because he told our youths the other day that everything that is happening, he has a way of obtaining information, I too have a way of collecting my information and we are ready to match force with force right now.”

Expressing disappointment and dismay in the security agencies, Bishop Chukwuma lamented that it was disturbing that they could not put in place measure to forestall the bombing of churches which had reoccurred every Sunday.

  • “Are Christians no longer free to worship God on Sundays?
  • What are the security operatives doing on Sundays when they know that Sundays have become a target to bomb Christians?
  • What is the Inspector General of Police doing?
  • Is changing of uniform the reformation that we want or action to make what is happening in the North to be stampeded and stopped.
  • Again, what are the members of the House of Representatives and Senate doing to promulgate law that will sanction those perpetrating this evil?

“We call on the Federal Government to step up a serious security strategy that will protect lives and property of Christians in the north to avoid a volatile action from Christians in the South. We also want to put an alert that Christians in the South are ready to face them squarely because we heard that they have infiltrated this place, especially Enugu. We are prepared for war- physically and spiritually against any form of attack on the church. Time has come for reprisal because nobody can stop us from worshiping our God”, the South East CAN leader said.

He expressed regret that in spite of the huge budgetary allocation on security, the bombings have continued, stressing ‘where is the high budgetary allocation on security, where are they spending the money? It means that corruption has become part of it.”

Bishop Chukwuma, however, declared that Christians were fully prepared for war “physically and spiritually” to defend themselves against any attack on churches and worshipers anywhere, declaring that “nobody will stop us because the time has come for reprisal.”

Keep in mind they’ll not use Suya Only, they’ll use several products imported from the North.

Please share this with your friends and families. Be your brothers keeper.



  1. onukaogu sandra

    June 20, 2012 at 11:43 AM

    pls our dear President Goodluck What ve we do to u,why re u not doing anytin about all dis killing in our Conutry Nigerian,somany people who voted u in,re disappointed pls do sometin,now is SUYA wahala in Nig God help ur people

  2. Ayegbusi Bamidele

    June 20, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    pls i want why federal goverment can not do something on boko haram issue

  3. Rabiu paki

    June 20, 2012 at 3:40 PM

    No any blood relationship b/w boko haram and islam(religion of peace)also islam does not permit to kill any body.ISLAM MEAN PEACE.ISLAM CONDEM BOKO HARAM.!!!

  4. iyke

    June 20, 2012 at 8:40 PM

    rabiu or rabbit wateva, if i slap u eeh u do menstruation 4 mouth idiot…didnt u hear dem tankin ur so cal allah 4 succes ova d previous atack in kd…islam religion of peace my prick…morone

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