MASSOB Declares War On Nigeria For Enslaving Ndigbo

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March 25, 2014 – MASSOB Declares War On Nigeria “Ndigbo Will Soon Be Delivered” – David Eboson

Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has warned that Nigeria will know no peace until the State of Biafra is actualized and Ndigbo emancipated from what it described as its present enslavement in Nigeria.

Director General of the Biafran Music and Film Authority (OBMFA), David Eboson, who gave the warning in a paper he presented at the launch of a music album entitled: Lota Biafra (remember Biafra), by Chinonso Onukwulu, said no amount of national conference would bring peace to the country.

Eboson said: “The national conference was supposed to have been for the ethnic groups, which were amalgamated as one entity in 1914 by Lord Lugard, to determine their future co-existence and not for Nigerian politicians, who are there for their selfish interests.”

He said the Igbo were like the people of Israel who were oppressed in Egypt before God sent Moses and Aaron to liberate them and expressed optimism that Ndigbo would soon experience that grace of God.
He said that MASSOB through its non-violent posture would continue the struggle for the emancipation of the Igbos, pointing out that what God had destined must surely come to pass.

The OBMFA director general said the launch of the music album, which he described as a wake up call, was apt, saying it came at a time all hands were needed to actualize the organisation’s objectives.

He urged its members to buy copies of the album for their use and give to their relations as well as friends as a way of sending the message of the struggle across.

[Reported by Okey Sampson, Aba – Daily Sun]

18 thoughts on “MASSOB Declares War On Nigeria For Enslaving Ndigbo

    • Pls my igbo ppl b wise, don’t let dis few selfish ppl use u 2 achieve their greedy purpose, they a nt sincere wit dis deology at al. What ndigbo need nw is unity 2 fight 4 equality of their ppl in nigeria.

  1. At the end of the day, na their dem go thief money. Everybody wan thief. This fight is about ” I no go gree if u no let me thief reach u” dat one na cheating. Thief cheating thief.

  2. Make Una no start wetin Una no fit finish,my pikin dey for nigeriaooooo! Make Una also ask Una parents wetin happen between 1967 to 1970 or watch the documentary about biafra war,throw away ur war flags and allow GOD and nature take its cause

  3. You people wont go and rest. BIAFRA my head! What is actually wrong with Africa, especially Nigeria? While other countries are busy thinking of how to develope their country, Nigerians are thinking of how to divide. Excuse, let me ask you people, if we are to divide Nigeria, how many parts are we going to divide it. We have over 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria. Even if we divide Nigeria, the igbos will still have an issue, because they are greedy people. Imo, anambra or enugu will still find a way to break out. And not talk about food, where majority of foods eaten in the east comes from the north.. It is not even possible for Biafra to get what they want. if OJUKWU didnt achieve it during a time when igbo bloods were boiling for war, i dont think they will achieve it not that most of the igbo are thinking of how to make money. These are just jobless people, conservative in their thinking who instead of finding something whorthwhile and transformative to do they are wasting their time on a futile mission and treason. The truth is that all you guys are going to get is years in prison.

  4. Ask these people what administrative lesson on how to govern a nation appropraitely did they learn or are they learning while still Nigerians. ask them please! What lesson will they take home as Biafrans in order to administer it with fairness and equity. Is it not greed, envy, oppression, bitterness among themselves? Wicked generation..

  5. the nigeria governmet is like the egyptian pharaoh, you guys will not have peace untill you let the Isrealite go. whether pharaoh likes it or not the Isrealites must go.

  6. U see, dos dat is hate Biafra de devil n his kingdom wil surely giv den way to his kingdom, u dat is sayin hw many part wil dey divide Nigeria, ur nt ashamed of ur self u beta be proud of ur so called tribe ok, we IGBOS is fighting for our on country so go on an ask ur so called country to giv ur own tribe a freedom n live us alone to make our own way, or is it bcus de oil well producers cm from BIAFRAN STATE? Dats y ur so much angry abt BIAFRAN fightin for her freedom, u beta be careful bfor smtin wit u dnt knw will eat u up, jst mind ur own n let our own be for us…..BIAFRA u must be free frm dis bondage soon in de MIGHTY NANE OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

  7. Let none rule out d posibility of actualising dis cause! If & wen it finally dawns upon us, u’d c those Igbo ppl who had spoken bad about it jubil8n most. Umu nwoke nucha ogu, umu nwaanyi enwelu akuko.

  8. why are you people angry about Biafra independency?? what is wrong there? im not igbo but if they say they want to go, so be it.. those of you that are Biafra haters cant you do without the igbos?? if you are not happy about their breake up from nigeria then you are guilty of theia accusation!!

  9. Do dis piple really understand de meaning of de word WAR ? My piple lets live biafra 4 God lets fight 4 our own rit as NDI IGBO not 4 biafra God’s tym is de best

  10. It will be nice if we the Igbos depart 4rm Obodo a bu Nigeria, mana ajuju m bu, how can it be possible when we the igbos shy away our so dear language?. I Rep BIAFRA!

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