Meghan Markle Deal Or No Deal Job Omitted From Biography On British Royal Family Website

meghan markle deal or no deal omitted biography

Meghan Markle Deal Or No Deal Details Omitted From Biography On British Royal Family Website

The British Royal family has whipped up a biography page for the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle who casually went from a TV start to literal member of the royal family.

People were quick to notice that an important information has been removed from her biography page.

Although the Royal website has updated Meghan’s acting career because it is nothing to be ashamed of, there is still no mention of her modelling days on TV game show, Deal or No Deal.

Here is what the Royal website added to her bio few days ago:

“After university Her Royal Highness worked as an actress, appearing in film and television. She most notably played the role of Rachel Zane on the series Suits for seven seasons, completing over 100 episodes. Whilst working on Suits, The Duchess moved to Toronto, Canada where the show was filmed; she feels very connected to Canada, as it became a second home to her.”

4 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Deal Or No Deal Job Omitted From Biography On British Royal Family Website

  1. Their deliberate omission never started today, when people starts to dig out the truth in the next decade or century,they will tag it as conspiracy.

    That Palace and Vatican city got so much to reveal for peace to rain in many parts of the globe.

  2. until she starts complaining…then i will be more concerned..As for now,she remain the princess of sussex

  3. At least she had a job she was doing. Carrying briefcase in deal or no deal was a job and she cant change that part of her history. All those are in the past now because she never has to carry that brief case again. Never despise the days of little beginnings

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