More Photos Of President Buhari In Beijing China

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April 12, 2016 – More Photos Of President Buhari In Beijing China

President Buhari pictured with officials during the opening ceremony of Business Forum on China/Nigeria Production Capacity Cooperation in Beijing, China.

6 thoughts on “More Photos Of President Buhari In Beijing China

  1. I hope that president Buhari is in China to import modern technology on nuclear and gas power generation in Nigeria. The presidential team should also make a deal with Chinese on how to build new crude oil refineries across Nigeria. If the cost of repairing those four abandoned refineries that were built by PMB in the 70s as first Minister of Petroleum outweigh building modern ones, I’m of opinion that this administration should abandon those ones and build new refineries. Any advance nations that cannot help us to generate enough electricity and help refine our oil hete at home is not our friends but enemies. Why? China sold billions of naira worth of fake and unregulated generators to pollute our environmen on anual basis. If China can’t help in these two cucial areas, then we must turn to the United States energy companies for help. Nigeria will never be a stable nation economically and there will not be economic growth until these two issues are dealt with with all our efforts aND substantial resources. Wishing PMB and his team safe trip back home.

  2. Waka waka president, your own good o. The problems in Nigeria, non is affecting you. Just make sure you the world and shake hands with every top dignitary ok.

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