Nadia Buari Flaunts Parents In 2013′ Allure Photo Shoot

nadia buari parents

Jan 17, 2013 – Nadia Buari Flaunts Parents In 2013′ Allure Photo Shoot (Pictures)

Ghanaian beauty queen Nadia Buari who is not a stranger to the Nigerian movie industry has released beautiful photos of her parents.

Nadia Buari was spotted alongside her mother and father.

She additionally shared her latest pictures for 2013. Look below

Actress Nadia Buari’s 2013 Pictures

nadia buari 2013 photos

nadia buari 2013 pictures

nadia buari latest pictures

Now we know where she got her beauty from.

Like mother ….. like daughter… So lovely.

17 thoughts on “Nadia Buari Flaunts Parents In 2013′ Allure Photo Shoot

  1. U who say dt d they ar nt her parent do u want her 2 present a tartard or black parents? When wil u stop being jealous of people u can’t chalenge in anyway

  2. That is the real mum but that is not her real dad. The man is a musician here in Ghana called Ben Brako. You guys can google him.

    • I think u should mind what u post online cos if uuuuu google u will realise it is the same persons. stop posting rubbish just bcos u most comment…. balderdashhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nadia-You have lost so much weight and now skinny, I could hardly recognize you! May be you want to become as skinny as Yvonne Nelson is now? I hope you’re aware that African men prefer women who have some flesh on their bones! hahehae! Your acting in the “Hearts of men” was superb and I enjoyed it so much! CHAIRMAN BENNEY IKOKWU, WORLD AFRICAN CONGRESS, WAFCO

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