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Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa: Worst Mgmt. in History

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Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa: Worst Mgmt. in History

Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher Nigeria’s High Commissioner

After a series of complains from users, we have decided to embark on a quick research of this Embassy.

Below are the current reviews we found about Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa

Kolade‎ – Aug 16, 2011
Worst embassy in the history of the world. I never stop getting a surprise each time I go there. Every year I need to travel to Nigeria, they’re will always stress me out. They are unprofessional, unfriendly and I believe corruption is embedded there. This embassy needs to be investigated for bribery and corruption. A lady met me there last year. She told me her fiance in Nigeria knows someone there and she will get priority service. To my surprise, she was called before me. As a Nigerian, I left that embassy empty handed. After which I called severally with no one to return my call. In short, this embassy should be dissolved, they are useless.

Sep 3, 2010
A Disappointment!!! What a disappointment you will receive when you call to find out info. They are harsh and very unfriendly on the phone. At least they should show some respect. At 50 years, we are still at a stand still. I have been to the Canada consulate in Nigeria and the staff treat people with great respect, is it impossible for us to learn? Please, please, I beg all the staff of the commission to please pick up the phone, return calls, and treat people with courtesy.

Kunle ‎ – Jun 29, 2010

Frustrating It’s difficult getting to speak to anyone here, and worse still to even get information on renewal of Nigerian passport. One would expect that the Canadian culture will influence the work ethics and attitude of the employees at this embassy positively, but shamefully NO. What a shame. Failed state.High Commissioner please do something. Ministry of External Affairs, please come to the aid of thisEmbassy- they need help- seriously.

Princess ‎ – Jun 9, 2010
Nigerian Embassy I am very disappointed in the services of this embassy, There is nobody to answers calls and when you are able to leave a message in their always full answering machines, NOBODY calls you back. I think this embassy should be closed or better still give a good training to its diplomats. I also tried contacting their other locations in the USA but the same response. Very disappointing for a so calledembassy that is representing a country

Igbanam ‎ – Nov 24, 2010
Work hours constantly change…. Earlier this year, PA system on the phone says, “[with female voice] Welcome to the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa Canada. Our options have been updated to better serve you. We are open from 9am to 1pm, Mondays to Thursdays…. Mid summertime, PA voice is now masculine and says, “Welcome to the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada. We are open from 9am to 1pm,Tuesdays to Friday for consular matters. …& I’m guessing lunch break is at Noon…

We’ll be sending a rep. to this Embassy shortly. We’ll give you an update of our findings.

If you have been to this embassy before, please share your experiences.

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