Nigerian Girl, Nnenna Eronini hits 6ft at Age 11

Nnenna EroniniNnenna Eronini

Nov 7, 2011 –  A London based young Nigerian girl  by the name of Nnenna Eronini has reached an amazing 6ft height at the age of 11.

As seen from the above photo, she is almost as twice as tall as her classmates.

In fact, the youngster is at least 14in taller than any other girl in her Year Eight class.

Her Mum Christiana, 44, East London — who is just 5ft 7in — said: “She isn’t self-conscious about it at all.”

Nnenna Eronini

Nnenna, now 12, hopes to become a catwalk model. No doubt she’ll reach the top.

She is definitely going to be a giant if she continues growing at this rate

Photo by : Kevin Sandland Photography

20 thoughts on “Nigerian Girl, Nnenna Eronini hits 6ft at Age 11

  1. Which kain need… It’s going to prove traumatic for her if care is not taken. At least she get luck she isn’t in Naija.

  2. She is a gift to Nigeria & unique in a special way. These show that God ve us in his flamboyant heart. Nigeria should wake up to our creature now because God loves us. Girl use it for God who created you.

  3. i can beliue dat she as tal as d height of a grave,if care is not taken she wil b d next talest woman on earth

  4. It might b a genetic defect you never no, “not in a bad way though”bcos she is yet to hit her teens, and she’s 6ft+,it shld b checked at dis early stage i think, elce when she gets older she might b twice her height. Its best 2 b corrected now dat she’s still youngy.

  5. Cousin ke.Am sure lotsa agents r on her case ryt now.I hope her parents will make wise decisions on her behalf,considering she’s still a minor.and i support dat she gets tested to b sure her rapid growth won’t get out of hand

  6. what amazes me more is the fact that she already has that full rounded figure of a grown up, wonder what she would look like when she turns 18 and above. would love to see what both parents of this young diva looks like and to the man that doubted, common sense should tell you that it couldnt be a faulse age at leat by the mere fact that she was born abroad, these people keep records.

  7. Really proud of my family for standing out. It’s amazing that she’s turned her height into something amazing.

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