Nigerian Pastor Anselm Madubuko Buys BMW X6 Car For Kenyan Wife As Wedding Gift

emmy kosgei bmw car wedding gift

Sept 16, 2013 – Nigerian Apostle Anselm Madubuko Buys BMW X6 Car For Kenyan Wife As Wedding Gift

Emmy Kosgei Gets BMW Car As Wedding Gift From Apostle Anselm Madubuko

Kenyan gospel singer Emmy Kosgei is having the best of times in Nigeria after getting married to a Nigerian Pastor.

Last month, Apostle Anselm Madubuko of the Revival Assembly church who lost his wife last year married Emmy Kosgei in style in Kenya.

The couple who travelled for their honeymoon last week are now fully settled in Nigeria.

On Sunday Sept 15,2013, Pastor Madubuko surprised his wife with a brand new BMW X6.

Check out Emmy Kosgei‘s wedding gift below

See the look on her face in the first picture… e be like say she don reach heaven.

Congrats to her.

16 thoughts on “Nigerian Pastor Anselm Madubuko Buys BMW X6 Car For Kenyan Wife As Wedding Gift

  1. Emmy Kosgei is a Kenyan bush girl so what do u expect? I’m happy the man married a villager not those gold diggers. enjoy gal

  2. If u are a pastors wife hmmmmmm, pray fo ur dear life oooooooooo. Who knows who d man is eyeiin. Ur lifes r in danger

  3. As for me I think they should have married after 2yrs or so.cause its either they were having an affair even before the wife died you can just marry just like that without knowing him or her. And for Emmy I think you were after money sorry to say.

  4. is only God that have the final say so God see’s everything from above, if he dey use offering moni and tithes moni 4 worldly tins na him sabi everybody go bear he papa name on judgement day.

  5. kenyan ,y ,re u insulting violet ? whats ur problem if u,re not guilty ? violet might not b far 4rm d truth. all des so called men of god. most of dem hv wives, nd still comfortably keep mistresses. a so called manof god , not capital G, has smaller generator plant in his compound, but bought d biggest 4 his mistress. after just one yr of mourning ur bloved late wife. if it is a woman dat did this nonsense ,nigerians go CRUCIFER HER. MY name sake ,no one can b to u like ur true luv, ur late wife. every woman dey behave when money dey rush like tap.

  6. Thanks anselm for the support,Kenyan you are the stupid one i’m not jealous of an old man what if he was poor would she have married him?plus I know his wife would supported him to move on but not that quick so they were both cheating thats a fact.The guy is almost the same age as Emmys’ dad. Kenyan you are talking as if u r dating a cougar.

  7. SO , THE pastor used all the titles we pay to buy car for his new wife , and some of his congregation are sleeping under the bridge , please pay more titles so that he can buy jet for his new wife . and i ready to give my wage , so that he can let his new wife put on jimmy choo. this new wife have to be careful because this pastor has over twenty concubines in this church

  8. I think people need to put their noses where they belong, these are two God fearing individual and if anybody had a problem with them marrying very fast or Pastor having concubines, they had right to come forward and block the marriage. But now let no man put a sander of what God has joined together. Pray for them as you pray for yourselves. I Love you Ammy and may God bless your marriage and may you even keep light shining in your husband church and in Nigeria. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and you already have the right equipment for the journey called marriage and life. I miss you!

  9. Emmy and Pastor Madubuko, We wish you God’s blessings.@Emmy, welcome to Nigeria. We love you and hope you find joy being part of the Nigerian family

  10. Emmy and Pastor Madubuko its ur life on one what’s good for others so never mind people they’ll always talk move on….

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