Nigerian Senator Zanna Gave Boko Haram Sect N1.5m For Sallah Rams

senator zanna boko haram

Oct 23, 2012 – Nigerian Senator Zanna Gave Boko Haram Terrorists N1.5 Million For Sallah Rams To Appease Them

Highly controversial, Nigerian Senator Ahmed Zanna who was accused of harbouring a wanted Boko Haram sect member, Habibu Bama in his official GRA quarters in Maiduguri was summoned by SSS officials on Monday night.

The senator who was invited for interrogation arrived at SSS headquarters in Abuja around 1:00pm yesterday.

In his explanation, the senator who is a family member of Habibu Bama, a Boko Haram Kingpin said he gave Boko Haram sect N1.5 Million for Sallah Rams after they threatened to attack him.

He further explained that the sect who took an aide, Habibu Bama to search his house retrieved N250,000 and left a note with Habibu to provide them with N10 million or they’ll come to attack him.

After several hours of interrogation, Senator Zanna was released at around 10pm. He is expected to return back today at 11am.

The aide he was talking about happens to be his nephew, a top Boko Haram sect member, Shuaibu Bama aka Habibu Bama who was arrested at his home last week.

Senator Ahmed Zanna‘s story is not adding up because the Boko Haram’s aide he talked about is his aforementioned Nephew, Habibu Bama.

16 thoughts on “Nigerian Senator Zanna Gave Boko Haram Sect N1.5m For Sallah Rams

  1. The said senator should have told the sss instead of waiting for the sss to call on him.I strongly believe he is up to something.

  2. Do we have elders in the north? If zana could be the nigerian head,could that be the way he will handle citizens?nigerians should continue to pray so that there will be more confession on those barkin the boko haram.

  3. any thing that has the beginning must has an end, if christ tarries to come, no matter what! The issue of boko haram not that is beyond control but there is a reason for every thing, because there is nothing that God can not do!

  4. The socalled senator is supposed to be under arrest, and made to bringall thebokos where he hid them. Godwill expose all of them. Amen!

  5. Boko haram ought to know dat their mohammed is fake, if not, why a mortal being defending the immortal, Repent and join our Jesus before its too late.

  6. i tink dat senator is b arrested, bcos 4 given dem dat 1.5m, he must kn smtin abt boko boyz n ma b hv biz wit dem.

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