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Nigerians Speak On Saraki’s Corruption Scandal As CCT Fixes Trial Date

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Nigerians Speak On Saraki’s Corruption Scandal As CCT Fixes Trial Date

saraki docked

Sept 23, 2015 – Nigerians Speak On Saraki’s Corruption Scandal As CCT Fixes Trial Date

Deji Philip
Saraki’s stubbornness might end up being his fatal undoing. If you are grounded in law,why employ a SAN? Come into the dock and tell us how do you plea…He went ahead with stories of how the Senate passed the CCB Act …He became his own lawyer citing Section 3B of the CCBT act which;according to him, gave him the right to be informed of any breach of any of the CCBT laws first before prosecution…In other words,Saraki knows he is guilty but pleaded not guilty because he was not informed of the contravention first before being prosecuted…He obviously doesn’t have much confidence in his lawyers anymore,so why not just accept you erroneously contravened the CCB Act in the process of asset declaration so we can move to the next count charge.
Ola Raheem

The campaign against corruption doesn’t get any better. Ours is a nation of people who forgets so soon and even forgives sooner! Isn’t this same Dr. Saraki who was arraigned by EFCC during the Goodluck Jonathan regime & news made the rounds then that he sought Presidential intervention for EFCC to drop charges against him as one of the bargaining instruments to remain in PDP? GEJ ignored him and he decamped to APC. Now it’s a cry of “witch-hunt” when he’s not a witch! Even if so, what happens to the time-honoured maxim that “he who lives in a glass house do not throw stones?” Abeg, weep not for the Sarakis! The signal is that if the law is catching up with APC big fish, the PDPs should begin to count their days! Chikena.

saraki corruption trial

Audu Mohammed Almustapha

Saraki and his cohorts should listen to this : “If the imaginative 20 million signatures from TAN could not stop PMB. If Dasuki and DSS cannot stop PMB. If hidden WAEC certificate cannot stop PMB. If cancer and death wish cannot stop PMB. If fake prophesies from Pastorprenuers couldn’t stop PMB. If thousands of Jonathan support group could not stop PMB. If the dollar distribution could not stop PMB. If militants, OPC and MASSOB could not stop PMB. If Boko-haram could not stop PMB . If ekuke tribal fence sitters could not stop PMB If opportunist Viju milk political analyst could not stop PMB. If war mongers, pipeline vandals and busters, secessionist threat could not stop PMB. What makes you think that 1 million Dino Malaye and Saraki can stop a moving train? Not even a combination of 109 senators can obstruct the movement of this 15 Million coach virgin pendolino train. No miserable senator or wife or ally can stop a moving train. Call it witch hunting Call it intimidation Call it any thing you like. We are hunters! !!!!! No witch will be spared. Dear Saraki, Your koboko is well soaked under the second Niger Bridge. We shall storm the red chambers soon. Go and listen to your party Dear Dino, Ndume, and Yerima, You can even sleep in Saraki house in solidarity. We are not bothered. But you should know that the gentle stride of a tiger is not a symbol of cowardice. Dear wailers, You should commend PMB for allowing EFCC to do their job without interference. Though most of you are far away from your brain, it takes courage to interrogate a party man. Dear President Buhari, Keep doing it 109 vulnerable adults cannot distract us. We the nomadic almajiri is in total solidarity with you. We your blind followers are satisfied. Keep leading us”.

Olawale Adedipe

The political terrane in Nigeria today is very fragile and any right thinking Nigerians should always take caution before making any public pronouncement. Senator Saraki may have done some things wrong no doubt about that but the leadership of APC were so greed and wicked that they believe in use and dump strategy. Let’s all go back to the struggle days before the election PMB and transfigured APC had contested with PDP on three different occasions and still lost it took the intervention of the same Saraki and five other PDP governors to wrestled the power from PDP then Saraki joined APC and I learnt that he gave a lot of money to the party then that though I can not confirm but i was there when Asiwaju Bola Tinubu described him as a golden bride and the video clips were there Saraki was not corrupt then and PMB was aware of these. So when the election was won it now became the rule for the party to take everything not minding the feelings of those who put their life on the line to fight the deadly PDP. I am saying it emphatically that APC does not manage the case of the defectors to their party very well and this includes Saraki. Believe it or not Saraki is not a push over as far as politics is concern in Nigeria so he came up with his plans to and he won , when he dumped PDP for APC it was not anti party Now that he fought his way to success there were cries there is no winner take all in politics the crimes committed by saraki is what every other politicians can not be exonerated from , after saraki I want to see the role call of the other public office holders to be prosecuted for similar offence. However, this Saraki issue should be handled with care as much as he is not above the law that if things are done genuinely at the same time he is not a paper weight. Hopefully this will not be the end of APC after all it a marriage of inconvenience

Nkanyimo Ben

Bukola Saraki, will soon release the dangers of political impotency of dying or a wounded lion in a jungle. When the former governor of Lagos referred to Political King as fighting with pig, i quickly released that something inside the house had went to market square. In my gentle opinion, Bukola Saraki should avail himself a humble resignation to save impetus of upper house of assembly.

Comrade Bolakale

Bukola problems begin the first day he saw the shadow of law below his feet and took it for the real image of law. No sinner will go unpunished. A richest political leader from poor state



  1. Bukunmi Ilori

    September 23, 2015 at 3:15 AM

    The code of conduct tribunal is a body that is more powerful than any of these corrupt thieves. Hope it will not be compromised

  2. lagbaja

    September 23, 2015 at 4:11 AM

    All this Na way of trying to inpeach him , APC is a useless party that is full criminals, and evil minded people . Is it pmb that claimed he Borrowed money to contest election and later declared 30million naira , is not a criminal?

  3. bilyaminu salihu

    September 23, 2015 at 7:57 AM

    Lagbaja,u should be ashamed of ur self for criticizing Apc dat brings change to our dear country, let me refresh ur memory,when last did u enjoy a government regulatory price of fuel In this country? Instead of u to be thankful to God u are busy running ur mouth,pls be wise.

  4. Uchenna O

    September 23, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    Both the accused and the accuser are the same, let this change not be a scam, i will be very happy if Nigerians really experience change, is Nigeria police not part of the change because nothing has change in them, any change in Nigeria without reforming our judiciary system and Nigeria police is a scam because there will be nobody to enforce the law and justice will be denied. thank you.

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