Nikkai Wedding: Nigerian Guy Marries White Grandma

nigerian guy marries white grandma

December 22, 2013 – Nikkai Wedding: Nigerian Man Marries A White Grandmother

Before the end of the year, a new photo of a younger Nigerian guy who married a white grandmother who happens to be an albino has surfaced.

Check out his sister in the background smiling…. Chai! Poverty bad o.

19 thoughts on “Nikkai Wedding: Nigerian Guy Marries White Grandma

  1. This one is even better than the one I witnessed in Ikoyi this past october. Government must pls do something for these yahoo fraudsters

  2. Guys this marriage for green card or visa is getting too shameful,will this man close his eyes with tape when he want to meet her ?.Those that have this visa without sacrificing their pride are blessed.I rather stay in villa & sell rock than this bad dream.Am blessed for American visa lottery.Thank you Jesus.I no blame them sha,America is God’s own country you need to see to understand why they are doing this.God bless Nigeria.

  3. people should stop commenting on what they know nothing about, all those young guys coming down to nigeria to wed old women, are called contract wedding. Infact do not expect any sexual activities within d duo. I can confuse u, u may stay up there 4 morethan 20years without red passport in uk. If u failed to wise up, n u ll be deny of many things over there like, health care, job, and all that…..

  4. @alhj olanrewaju…watch your back mr cuz i think he is a know anything about contract wedding? what is so special about red passport? with all dirty job ppl are doing in britain..please howmany black ppl have a resonable job apart from cleaning,security and care job? have you been to westminister and tell me how many Nigeria u can see working there? the onlyone i used to see is a bin man…so keep your mouth short if you dont know what to say

    • Not sure where “Westminister” is in britain but if you are referring to Westminster and you say you can’t see black people with proper jobs? Pls wake up from your slumber, black are very represented maybe not as many as naija(thats bcos its not naija)…..

    • i beg to differ, i am Nigerian and i work for the ministry of justice in the UK and earn good money. you don’t expect to find a good job here if you barely have an education like most Nigerians here. i have been here for less than 3 years.

  5. colonial mentality.they robbed our resources and now being arranged to package us out to do their menial jobs young man,ur eyes go soon clear when the chips are down..u think oyibo na mumu

  6. @larry i dont think we are here to fight one another, n it’s very wrong to have insult ur fellow man d way u did in ur last comment, i know u are right but, our leaders are our problem, we have many people dat are ready to do dat dirty job here in nigeria, but our leaders see them as dirty people they arrest them n give some three month imprisonment 4 being caught of hawking in d street. Dat is why many of our guys are running away. Larry let’s face fact, with all those dirty jobs u mention above, without red passport now u can not have access to one, i know u know dis aswell, bcos if a job is being given to someone without red passport now, d employer dat give such individua a job opportunity ll be drag to court or fine by d british govnmt. So i think dat is why many of them are been desperate to have d passport at all cost.

  7. @Larry your information is wrong,here in the UK, many black pp especially Nigerian are Doctors, lawyers,Nurses,Teachers,Managers in some companies,some own there shops or business’s etc,so please kindly get your facts right.

  8. people are quick to judge, do u ever sit down and think why would a man this young get married to a woman this old, the reason is, our country is the brain behind all these, as a citizen on Nigeria, name 5 things u gain from your country? do u see other countries doing this? no simply because there country is good and there leaders respect the people, unlike gluttons leaders we have in Nigeria

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