Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Shaves Hair Off – Can You Go Bald For N5 Million?

chika ike shaves her hair

April 24, 2013 –  Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Shaves Hair Off – Can You Go Bald For N5 Million?

This question goes out to the female folk. How much will your demand to shave off your hair? To some, it might sound like a joke, while others will do it for a giveaway price.

Our beautiful Nollywood starlet Chika Ike took the bold step for a whooping sum of N5 million in the movie Moment of Tears.

It is not new in the industry to shave off one’s hair but nonetheless, not many are bold enough to do so.

She is an excellent actress no doubt so, iROKOtv is certain she will deliver her role perfectly.

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34 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Shaves Hair Off – Can You Go Bald For N5 Million?

  1. This one is better than going naked for money.carry on money or no money interpreting your role well is the hall mark of
    Acting.but thank God for given us hair to cover our head,some head are just like coconut, this one look like cocoyam….dont mind you are ok.

  2. Wot is hair? Is nt a big deal even for 50k I wuldnt mind I knw witin few months it wil grow up move over their are wigs one can wear. Is bata den going nude

  3. Because of money , see your self you look like a OLORIBURUKU aka unfortunate i knew you can kill your boyfriend or childrens cause of money

  4. No wonder they paid her a whooping #5mil,she ugly oooooooo …..well the #5mil is worth her ugliness…

  5. Chika, you are a princess ooo… Dont mind all they ar sayn against you… You transacted a good business n iam proud of u. Jisie ike inugo?

  6. Her job calls for it!!!!!go on nd do what u like doing best….they need u and dat is why they call for you.

  7. Chika u are looki so beautiful,dis is her job let her do it oooo if am an actress 2 and dey tell me 2 cut ma hair 4 even 1M,I will na ma job,chika u are nt ugly everytin God created is beautiful and see some people dey can’t even spell ugly dey write URGLY,chika don’t let dem kill ur vibe,JBLOOD dat 2 much it unfair,chike nobody can bring u down,see dem hungry dogs una no reach anywhere dat u are barking if na dem ordinary 40K dey go go bold.omo u beautiful joor no mind dem

  8. chike dnt mind dem dey are just jealous of ur beauty, just ignore thier idle talk ure gud 2go darling.

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