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Northern Youths Endorse Rotimi Amaechi As Buhari’s Super Minister

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Northern Youths Endorse Rotimi Amaechi As Buhari’s Super Minister

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Oct 11, 2015 – Northern Youths Endorse Rotimi Amaechi As Buhari’s Super Minister

The defeat of PDP- led government by Buhari tsunami as it were marked the beginning of unending exhibition of frustration and grounded hatred towards the government of Change. While this is clearly understood given the pathetic scenario the sympathisers of formal President Jonathan found themselves, it is pertinent they stop crying more than the beriefed. After all, Jonathan had long moved on with his life, even though public shame is still beckoning on the formal first lady his precious wife.

It is no news that the waves of activism in Nigerian since the emergence of PMB is appalling and nothing he would do to please them and to say the electioneering is over with the big lost gasping and trashing in self-inflicted pain. Whilst, PMB does not belong to anybody or interest rather the President and Commander-In- Chief of Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria who swore to protect Nigerians.
This is unfair to a man who only spent 6 months on the throne. Surprisingly, Nigerians under the last government never witnessed this humongous activism in the waves of impunity and unending corruption, rather mute and a pat on the back for money well- looted.

How clean and honest can one get? When he said in his maiden speech “I belong to no body and I belong to every body.” Yet they are restless with reckless questions ranging from preposterous to lugubrious. Oh baba go- slow- and steady is yet to name his advisers! but behold when he eventually does the same embittered individuals accused him of lopsided appointments on the premise of pursuing Northern Agenda, may be he should have named Orubebe as chief of defence staff or Deziani Alison Madueke as first lady federal republic of Nigeria.

Oh the delay in appointing his ministers potent danger for Nigerians as there is no economic direction! yet there is unimaginable improvement of electricity supply across board, as well as enough petroleum products in all our filling stations in whatever region in Nigeria.

Oh he should not have appointed himself as Minister of Petroleum where he ought to have assigned himself Defence potfolio as the questions rages on. For God sake! how have these irrelevant questions put food on our table? Or changed the good intention of Mr. President? We all have roles to play in order to bring about the needed change through constructive criticism.

What an irony? now that the ministerial lists have been unveiled, what did we get? Oh his Right Honourable Rotimi Amaechi should not be on the list because in their thinking he is corrupt based on media trial orchestrated by Wike and co. Limited.

It is a know fact that since the inception of our democratic rule in Nigeria, no single individual is so patriotic and nationalistic-outlook than his Excellency, Right Honourable Rotimi Amaechi. His doggedness, charismatic persona and sterling ever- intimidating records rates him the greatest Nationalist of all time. Whereas, we are bold to say that not even Sir Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo to mention these prominent, were Nationalistic in their true sense, compared to mountain everest feet achieved by Rotimi Amaechi in recent time. This is a man who care less of promoting politics of regionalism other than the unity of this great nation.

Without mincing words, His Excellency Right Honourable Rotimi Amaechi is the most detribelised Nigerian, the Tinubu and the Nelson Mandela of Southern Nigeria. He is indeed a classic example of zero to hero, grass to grace politician ever to be alive on African continent, a rock of intellectual heritage with which Nigerian youths dwell except those who have refused to belong to his school of thought.

Of course, no man is without sins but that of Rotimi Amaechi is obvious for not supporting “Corruption is not stealing or stealing is not corruption government”, and for this single reason he is regarded as the political Judas Iscariot that must be sacrificed on the alter of mediocrity, yet he refused to be intimidated by the power that be into accepting a GEJMATICS formula of 16 greater than 19, not to talk of constant harrassment in the hands of Joseph Mbu and Marilyn ogar respectively.

Let it be on record that His Excellency Right Honourable Rotimi Amaechi scale through the Ministerial screening as no amount of arm-twist, executive intimidation, overnight imaginary corrupt- charges, paid protest and heaven and earth public condemnation would stop his emergence, as we would stop at nothing to barricade National Assembly, if need be followed the golden legacy of jumping through the fence should unimaginable happened.

It is a must Rotimi Amaechi becomes a Minister, this is our stand and the better the South/ South accept him as one of their own as well as their true hero, the better for their well-being, as the history of Nigeria’s emancipation from the shackle of corrupt-government would be incomplete without his Right Honourable.

Some Nigerians hate reality despite six months of his ascendancy, PMB never told anyone he was looking for saints or angels to constitute his cabinet rather a necessity to clean-up the mess left-over by the past administration, but of course the PDP in her usual rhetoric succeeded in the gullibility of Nigerians who would stop at nothing to dwell on cheap blackmail and propagandism. It would be unthinkable for anyone to read the mind of PMB, yet PDP stewards in their intellectual-shortfall taught the best they can do is to deploy the fifth columnist in order to tarnish the image of Fashola, Amaechi and the likes, except they are still leaving in the limbo of election defeat, it is appropriate for PMB to reward his loyalists. Ironically, those crying woooooe to high-heaven in the name of protest, social media balbadash never voted for Change in the first place, rather they made a caricature of entire episodes by foolishly investing in “stealing is not corruption government”.

The truth of the matter is that frustration on account of election defeat is responsible for the media hullabaloo, and until we send them to lagoon in the wisdom of Oba of Lagos Rilwan Akiolu, this time not to perish but to have a salty bath, they shall continue to languise in intellectual -sodomy amid joy and hope that PMB brings Nigerians.

At least for the first time we are doing things differently, if PMB should succumbed to blackmail, intimidation and propaganda, I do not think we are where we are at present but a General would always remain a General no matter whose ox is gored, as trusting his judgement is the least of our emotional investment.

Long live PMB!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long live Northern Youths Intellectual-Advocacy Forum (NYIF)

Article by ABDUL YAHAYA ORUMA, President, NYIF, Tweet us @ Yankyreal



  1. Bench

    October 12, 2015 at 4:13 AM

    Nigeria is for better or for was. Even if na aboki wey is presidenting us, we are not ves. Even if na nyamiri, we are not ves also. Even if na ofemanu, we are not also ves too. Even if na mmonwu person, we are not also ves. Nor we? Nigeria is for all of us bicos Nigeria no sabi anything. We love am like that. Monkey is not fine but his mama like am. So make we learn something from monkey mama today.


    October 12, 2015 at 7:50 AM

    All dis aboki english na 4 ameachi head ? we,re glad to hear it,s northern youths not southern youths. u don,t need to talk 2much . we hv long dashed him 2 u-people .edwin clark is on his way to increase ur population censors.irrellevant delta children shall be packed with sick cows back to those who need them most . u can,t deceive anyone bcos they are not at peace with themselves . kudos to d moslems and northerns who see clearly and catch their brothers red-handedly do dubious things and steal govt. fund ,yrt they cover them with tapolenes and bury d matter . i love you northerns too much 4 dis single reason . ALLAH bless u more 4 being ur brothers keeper. AM ALSO GLAD THAT ,ONLY A NORTHERN PRESIDENT HAS A PALACE OF 100 ROOMS IN NIG,YET NO BODY SAW IT AS CORRUPTION. ONLY SOUTHERNANS ARE CORRUPT AND PROBED AND IMPRISONED . WE HEAR UNA .JONATHAN LEFT D LESS PRIVILEDGE CHILDREN IN D CREEKS IN BAYELSA AND RIVERS STATE AND TOOK AWAY D ALMANJIRIS OF D NORTH BACK TO SCH AND SHELTERED THEM, YES TODAY , HES D MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT NIG EVER PRODUCED . WE HEAR UNA. U KNOW SOMEONE STOLE AND HE IS CORRUPT ,WHEN HE BROUGHT D STOLEN THINGS TO U , TO BETTER UR LIFE , WHY DID YOU NOT REJECT IT ? BOTH OF U WHO IS A BIGGER THIEF ? I KNOW THAT D KORAN SAYS , “REJECT STOLEN ITEMS ” . I REPEAT , ILOVE U PEOPLE 4 LOVING URSELVES TO DEATH !!!. IF CHRISTIANS LOVE THEMSELVES LIKE MOSLEMS , THERE WILL BE TOO MUCH PEACE IN NIGERIA .


    October 12, 2015 at 9:55 AM

    Yahayaha or what i don’t care, see ur buhari mr intergrity is confused by nominating such criminal, yes ur northern people love him not bcos he’s not corrupt but bcos he helped in creating the way for them to be in power again, being a minister can’t stop him 4rm prosecution, nonsense both Amechi and mr intergrity are bad dream for Nigeria, shame on apc, shame on those that shouted change.

  4. bezo

    October 12, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    The present govt and their party are the most corrupt and foolish people in the history of nigeria, buhari deserve 40yrs jail term for nominating criminals like him.

  5. Dan

    October 12, 2015 at 12:51 PM

    What special privilege do the NORTHERN YOUTH have?
    The single problem the whole world has is POLITICS. It has the capability of disarming even genuine corruption fighters because by the time they get to power, they owe too many people favors. Some of the so called Senatorial picks are criminals but poor baba’s hands are tied.

    That is why the problem of Nigeria is essentially a structural one. We have to create a system where you can put a thief as minister but he can’t do natin cos his every move is exposed and there will be an unshakable long sentence waiting for him and his family.

  6. endo

    October 12, 2015 at 3:38 PM

    Abeg remind me where amechi come Frm kastina, bornu or rivers we knw am pass una if to say na pdp I’m such una for dey chase am about with corruption charges becos I knw he is corrupt.

  7. Deji

    October 15, 2015 at 4:41 PM

    Nobi only Northern youth….Cows Youth! What do they knw abt Amaechi? Nonses! PMB is that d change?

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