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List Of Online Stores And Shopping Sites In Nigeria For Clothes, Shoes & Phones

online stores in nigeria for clothes shoes

List Of Online Stores And Shopping Sites In Nigeria For Clothes, Shoes And Phones And Their Websites

Online stores are internet shopping facilities which aid purchase of goods and services right from the comfort of your own home or where ever it is you find yourself. Provided you have a phone, internet connection and a medium of payment which could be credit cards or online payment transfer systems the likes of PayPal, Payoneer then you are more than good to go. These mediums allow you to shop in any online mall in the world and also make purchasing and shipping payments

The stress of having to move from one store to another in search of certain goods and services is automatically taken away when you chose to use online stores. It saves a lot of time and whole lot of energy. Purchases are most times even delivered to the door step of clients.

List Of Online Stores To Do Shopping In Nigeria & Their Websites

You can purchase just about any commodity from online stores from books, to clothes, electrical gadgets and even food stuff. It also gives you access to a wide variety of options. Online shopping can be done anywhere and anytime of the day depending on the preference of the individual. It is no wonder that this method of shopping is gradually becoming one of the most popular mediums of purchasing goods and services.

There are a vast number of online malls where you can shop for just about anything you need and many offer good services, for fair and affordable prices too.

Pay On Delivery Online Stores In Nigeria

Pay on delivery is a payment option which some online stores use, where payment for goods is made when these goods are physically delivered. Many online stores in Nigeria have dumped this method some for security reasons. Here are some that still accept pay on delivery in Nigeria.

online stores shopping nigeria phones


Jumia is one of the popular online stores in Nigeria and they accept pay on delivery. Their store has certain conditions for accepting this payment option. Goods purchased from Jumia can be paid for on delivery provided they are worth more than N 1,500, are not above N 200,000, are not being shipped in from outside the country and your address should not be too far from the stores pick up locations.

When the goods are delivered payment should be made via local Nigerian cards, by Nigerian cash notes or bank transfers they do not accept international cards or notes.

Pointek Online Stores

Pointek mostly deals with the selling of computers, phones and electronic gadgets. You can choose to pre-pay for goods and they will be delivered or you pay on delivery when the courier arrives. Pointek makes these deliveries within Lagos and states in Nigeria. It is however not clear how many states endorsed for the pay on delivery option.


This store deals with the sale and delivery of mobile devices at very affordable rates. It has a wide variety of phones on its online shelf and is said to be functional in Nigeria and countries within the West African region. The store is said to support payment on delivery plan.

This online store sells diverse kinds of stuff like electrical gadgets, home appliances, clothes and even beverages. The store also has a pay on delivery method. It guarantees safety and security for any payment plan you choose be it payment before the delivery of goods or payment on delivery.

Natural Hair Online Stores In Nigeria

Keeping natural hair has become quite a common practice among Nigerian ladies. Maintaining your natural hair can be a challenge as it requires a lot of care and the use of good natural hair products which could prove difficult to find most times. Here are some online stores where you can conveniently purchase natural hair products.

This store deals in just about every kind of item which also includes quality natural hair, skin and beauty products which you can easily purchase and get it delivered to you.

Sizzelle Online Store

It specializes in having hair products in their online stores which are difficult to find anywhere else. Sizzelle deals in healthy hair, skin & beauty products. It is owned by a medical doctor so you can be sure the products are medically endorsed and good for use as many have been tested. You can definitely rely on the authenticity of the items ordered on this site.

It makes products available at good rates and makes provision to answer questions with regards to their products and their uses.

Natural Nigerian

This store deals in items which promotes hair and skin health. It has products which cater to the needs of the bearded community and these products promise good results. Natural Nigerian has delivery systems for locations within Lagos and every state in Nigeria for a fee of course.

The prices for delivery differ depending on the state you are located in. it has a detailed list of the benefits of some hair and skin products found in their store. The store is owned by a certified chemist and guarantees its products and ingredients are pure, natural and safe to use for adults and children.

Beautifully Nappy

Beautifully Nappy started out as a blog in 2011, it was rebranded and launched its online store in 2017. It has set out to help Nigerians embrace the beauty of their natural African hair. It first started out as a brand which specialized solely on natural hair products and trends. It has since broadened its reaches to include beauty, skin and natural healthy living.

Products can be ordered and shipped to anywhere within and out of Nigeria. Before goods are put up on their site, they first undergo various tests to certify the products are safe and healthy for use.

It reportedly makes door step deliveries to locations in Nigeria. Cost of delivery depends on the distance of your location. The store has products which are natural and safe for child use too. It deals in natural/ herbal baths supplies, skin products and various types of fragrances which are all gotten from reliable sources.

Beautiphic has make-up products/ make-up tools, a variety of hair attachments, several kinds of essential oils and hair foods. The store can also provide natural hair remedies which slow down balding process, promotes hair growth and have other products which aid beard growth in men.

Baby Online Stores In Nigeria


It has just about every product with regards to expecting mothers, newborns and children in general. Their products are of good quality and at good prices. Delivery is said to be efficient and fast to your choice location. Payments can be made via cash into their accounts, through ATM cards and bank transfers. Prices for delivery differ based on location and takes about 2 to 5 business days. Clients within Lagos are promised door step delivery.

This baby store makes door step delivery as well. Available on their online shelves are various baby products likes clothes, socks , blankets , baby food, diapers/diaper bags, feeding tools etc. the brand is aimed at creating an easy and stress-free shopping experience for parents.

Simply Infants

Simply Infants focuses on providing for babies and infants as implied in its name. It creates an online convenience for mothers where purchases can be made easily all from one place. The store has high quality products imported to make sure your baby gets the best. It has baby shoes, clothes, baby proofing and safety equipment, baby toys, cribs, diaper bags, car seats etc.

Baby Shop Nigeria

Another good online store, they have several products in a variety of choices not just for newborns but for kids and infants. Available on their store are breast pumps, baby foods, baby bathing equipments, baby furniture, baby toys, blankets, shawls, school supplies, gifts and party items etc. All at reasonable price discounts for the customers convenience.

Mother Care Nigeria

Mother care is a trusted baby brand used not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Mother care makes use of online stores like Jiji and Jumia Nigeria for the sale of its products. You can find affordable car seats, play pens, nursing bras, baby towels, feeding bottles and other feeding tools etc.

These online stores have some baby products which have been previously used (second hand) but are still in good working condition and are much cheaper compared to the brand new ones. New products are also available for order and purchase all depending on your preference. Mother care is originally a British brand but it also has physical stores and locations in some cities in Nigeria where these items can also be purchased.

Grocery Online Stores In Nigeria 

Nkataa:  it makes deliveries of beverages, provisions, fresh food items like onions, tomatoes, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables etc. It caters for those in Abuja. They can also supply stew and soups on request. It deals in a variety of household items like snacks, beverages, provisions, cleaning supplies etc. Items can be purchased in bulk. Deliveries can be made to your location.

Gingerbox:  It functions in Lagos Nigeria and delivers a variety of healthy snacks, packaged fruits and vegetable to homes and offices.

Fashion online stores in Nigeria

Many Nigerian online stores deal in fashion items for the male and female gender.

Jiji: it is one of the top recognized online stores for purchasing clothes, bags, shoes, Nigerian fabrics and clothes, head and neck accessories etc. available in various colors and sizes and can be delivered on request. it has a variety of top notch fashion choices from clothes and shoes to various accessories all from good Nigerian fashion brands. It has a very efficient pay on delivery system. It is an online store that deals in male, female and children wears at affordable rates.

Instylefashionista: It deals in various women commodities like tops, skirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry you name it they can be found in this store.

Phone Online Stores In Nigeria

Some online stores which are good and reliable in providing quality phones, games and general electronics are Jumia Nigeria,,, Parktelonline, Pointekonline. Parktelonline and Pointekonline are said to be quite famous for supplying phones and tablets at the lowest possible rates. These online stores take orders and make deliveries around Nigeria.

Purchasing goods and services online has made things a whole lot easier for people in general. But always make sure you check and double check sites and online stores to be sure they are legit before making any form of online payment.

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