Pastor Caught Sleeping With Church Member In Hotel In Benin Edo State Confesses

pastor caught sex church member hotel benin edo state

Check out the viral video of a Pastor who was caught pant down with a female member of his church in Benin City Edo state over  the weekend.

The Pastor whose name is yet to be disclosed was reportedly caught having sex with his church member in a hotel in Benin city Edo state.

When confronted, the Pastor could not give a reasonable explanation to why he was seen unclad with another woman in the hotel.

In the video, the pastor denied having sexual intercourse with the woman he was caught with in the hotel room.

7 thoughts on “Pastor Caught Sleeping With Church Member In Hotel In Benin Edo State Confesses

  1. May be Pastor mrs was not satisfying him. MEn like u are the ones patronising prostitutes.
    God has exposed you

  2. The way we become so self-righteous and holier than thou attitude when we catch someone doing some wrong, is sometimes appalling. I am not condoning what the pastor has done, it is wrong, and sin is a sin. But the way we put these pictures and videos on social media is sometimes a bit too much. How many of us sin and cover up.

  3. ….and on Sunday morning everybody be calling him daddy and he will reply…bless you my daughter/son. Woo unto you pastor of doom.

  4. Am not too clear on this story. The important question I want to ask is what is the woman to him,.Is she his fiance are they in a serious relationship with the intention of getting married. Is the pastor married and is she a married woman. If the two of them are married or one is married out of then it’s then it’s bad. Even as at that it is not legally right to do this to them. It’s only the husband of the woman if she is married or the wife of the man who can take action against them and not outsiders. It’s a violation of their fundamental Human Rights and they can be sued and jailed. Jungle justice is not permitted in our statute book. It’s a criminal offence. The law should have been allowed to take its course if there is a need for it. We should start behaving like civilised people in this country. No body is permitted to take laws into his or her hand under our laws.

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