Patience Jonathan Suffers Food Poisoning; Airlifted To Germany For Treatment

patience jonathan food poison

September 3rd, 2012 – Patience Jonathan Suffers Food Poisoning; Airlifted To Germany For Treatment –……. Nigeria’s First Lady Hospitalized in Germany.

Nigeria’s first lady, Mr Dame Patience Jonathan has been hospitalized in a hospital in Germany for about 4 days now after an apparent food poisoning.

According to reliable sources, Patience Jonathan was airlifted to a German hospital last week under an emergency medical conditions.

Presidency sources couldn’t ascertain whether the airlift departed for Wisbanden, Germany.

All efforts to confirm Patience’s Jonathan whereabouts were abortive as at Sunday night. Calls to President Jonathan aides were not picked.

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34 thoughts on “Patience Jonathan Suffers Food Poisoning; Airlifted To Germany For Treatment

  1. Oh no dat 2 bad! Did diz hapen 2 her in her home state were she iz a parmenent secretary or at the national level were she iz the 1st lady? By de way why Germany ? Iz not were our formal 1st lady (Stella Obj) went and never came back alive?

  2. Oh no dat 2 bad! Where dose it happen, at her parmennet secretary’s desk at her home state or on her 1st lady bed in Abuja? By de way why Germany iz it not where our formal 1st lady went and never came back alive?

  3. I taught they have stoped taking our government officials to abroad for treatment? Are our own hospitals not working again?

  4. El do, mind how u talk. U er devil incalate headin to death soon. Our First lady is protected by God but u er an alimajeri who ll die without berrial. To hell wit u n boko haram northerns. Ofoduru obere oge unu ataafufu.

  5. Flown to Germany for food poisoning treatment? Indeed! How shameful dat her country doesn’t have any hospital good enough for her and she claims to be a good first lady? Shame on u and ur corrupt mates. President Mills died in a hospital in Ghana his country and all our leaders do is to run abroad wen de feel headache. Wat does dat show? Charity begins at home. And who says she cldnt have been treated in dis country? Or is dat another criminal lie to lavish our money on herself? Has her system changed since she became d first lady. Wasn’t d illiterate stomach taking in roots and herbs n enough stream water to cure herself of food poisoning? Save us all d lies and corruption, igerians are no fools puleeease!!!! Smh!!!!!

  6. God purnish all does spoiling tins 4 us in dis country…4 dat gal whr shape mouth,no bdy 4 una family go reach her level…since u r hapi n prayn 4 her downfall,urs begin nw.Amen…our swt muda,de first n de best lady…by his stripes u r healed.whosoeva responds 4 dis must die,in group or individually Amen.pls get well soon n cum back home so de wil be put 2 shame Amen.

  7. But why Nigerian leaders are so stupid ?, there is enough money in that country to have one of the best hospitals in the World, are they not ashamed that they always fly themselves or family members to abroad even with a common headache?,it’s so sad.

  8. Sooo sory about ds news! God Almighty will reach out to u with His balm in gilead,holy Ghost fire will consume every evil agents,d palmaworm,nd d canckerwom swallowing pple inside villa IJN wit God’s strive u are heal our dear mummy! Bt its high time Nigerian govt begin to put in place d neccessary machineries nd reliable experts in our hospitals,if one of our former govnors in south-south can ve d best hospitals in south Africa what should stop us in national level frm having d best hospital s in d whole of africa!For anyone coming to power without d ffear of God wil definately be faced wf God’s wrath,they wil not leave to enjoy d money!IJN enof is enof

  9. Thier is somtin fishy! Nigeria have been witnessing death of either the President or his first lady for the consecutive 4 president in Nigeria. Oh!! What tha’ f*ck! Dubai has the most luxurious hotels in the world, how did shé get poisoned? What kind of poison?? Infact did shé not attend the meeting with other dignitaries? Well! Patience will not die Insha Allah, shé ‘ll put a stop to all the curse in that damn aso rock.

  10. Though! It’s not a suprise to me because our Amiable leader is not a good leader. The reason is this; why can’t him replicate/renovate & embarke on our “health facilities”, well he may not have time for everything but we have a minister for health, yet he was talking about a #5000 new note, we have no leader in Nigeria. Well, by His grace Mrs Patience Jonathan will be back safely in His mercy.

  11. am a girl/woman does who are saying she should die note it dat one day it will be ur turn an then there will be no body to cry when you die cause every body will be busy

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