Photo: Man Arrested For Stealing Pot Of Soup & 12 Fufu Wraps In Bayelsa Blames Buhari

man steals fufu soup feed family

November 10, 2016 – Picture: Father Of 2 Steals Pot Of Soup, 12 Fufu Wraps & Garri In Yenagoa Bayelsa, Blames Buhari

Man Steals Pot Of Soup & 12 Fufu Wraps In Yenagoa Bayelsa To Feed Hungry Family

An indigene of Akassa village in Brass LGA of Bayelsa state has been arrested for stealing foodstuff.

The suspect 35-year-old Kaduna Enatimi was caught by a vigilante group in Igbogene area of Yenagoa around 2am on Wednesday with a pot of soup, 12 fufu wraps and a bowl of garri.

When he was rounded up, Enatimi blamed Buhari for making him and his family experience hunger due to economic hardship.

He confessed to the vigilante group that the food stuff he stole from a local restaurant was meant to feed his hungry wife and children.

He was taken to the traditional ruler in the area and later released when he cited hunger as his reason for the theft.

Enatimi was allowed to go home with the stolen food and warned to desist from stealing.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Man Arrested For Stealing Pot Of Soup & 12 Fufu Wraps In Bayelsa Blames Buhari

  1. Pity!
    Good gesture from the people though. But he needs a job, a steady mod so he won’t fall into such ” temptation again.

  2. Not enough excuse to steal. Is he not working? How about the wife? We keep saying the situation is bad, despite that some are making it. He should wake up and do something meaningful with his time than stealing soup n garri. Soon, someone will do same, hope he or she will be pardoned then.

  3. honestly I really dont think I would arrest such person, one thing I know is hunger led him to to steal food, if it was omething else then i would think otherwise.

  4. Not joke matter but begging better than stealling, only some always shame to begg.
    May god return glory of nigeria back to normal position. Amen

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