Photo News: Buhari Gives President Paul Biya & Wife Chantal A Departure Gift

May 4, 2016 – Photo News: Buhari Gives President Biya & Wife Chantal A Departure Gift

Buhari presented the President of Cameroon Paul Biya and his wife a beautiful photo frame as they depart Abuja today.

The couple who arrived Abuja yesterday departed with honour today.

9 thoughts on “Photo News: Buhari Gives President Paul Biya & Wife Chantal A Departure Gift

  1. Your follow man is find you for your house and is odinary foto wey you was give am to carry go. Upon say no be only him waka come. Other pipul was also follow waka come and is odinary foto wey you are give them say make them shia. Is not even money to shia. Is foto. Na wetin are they take foto to do? We know say Cameroom prsident was come to beg you money, but is not why you are trit him like that. It didn’t dey good. Big man like you wey you have do yeye. Your follow president o. If you do am yeye like this, na wetin are you do odinary human beans like me weyris dey por?

  2. Buhari is stingy. Anyway this is just to cover up what you gave them. Keep sharing our money.

  3. Presido u tried not every 1 wld ve even taught of given anything dis foto frame alone is a long time memory

  4. From the cheerful smiles on their faces the receipients like the gift and by the way photographs are acceptable gifts for Heads of State. It is photo album President Obama also gave the Queen for her 90th Birthday gift so I think it is the correct protocol in this instance.

    After all, a Head of State has everything by common man ‘s standard so what is there to give to a man who has everything?

  5. Nigerians and the way we think, He gave him Photo Frame you guys feel he is too stingy, if he gives him expensive gift you will also say he is wasting scarce resources in this hard period and that he is corrupt. so what would have been the perfect gift?

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