Photos: 2Pac Shakur’s Personal Bible With Signature Auctioned By Family

2pac bible photos

Oct 8, 2016 – Pictures: Tupac Shakur’s Personal Bible With His Signature Placed On Sale By Family

The personal bible late rapper Tupac used while serving a 9-month sentence at Clinton Correction Facility in Dannemora New York back in 95 has been put on sale.

The Life Recovery version with 2Pac’s signature and inmate identification number is now up for sale at

tupac bible sale2pac shakur signature

The starting bid is $54,000.

The late rapper read the bible while serving sentence for sexual assault charges.

More Tupac’s belongings have been placed on sale by his family recently.

They recently auctioned a handwritten love letter to his high school sweetheart for $35,000.

15 thoughts on “Photos: 2Pac Shakur’s Personal Bible With Signature Auctioned By Family

  1. Hmmm, it can only happen there. In this era of change, hmm I will now purchase a handwritten love letter for that amount,untop wetin? Hmm, pls reason with me my fellow commentators.

  2. Let them come to Nigeria to sell that shit and see who will even price it. Oyinbo’s reasons from their Anus. We are now in the era of change. By 2019, We will be waiting for another episode of change again. God Bless us all. Amen

  3. THEY SHOULD sell the bible to a museum, for it has lost its spiritual purpose.

    @FIFELOMO, A SHARP ONE THERE! WOULD the love letter go out on its own to toast women?

  4. well it is not made for everyone like you, it is only for the 2pac class that it is made for, people like us.. we spend money with double eyes, let me show you way

  5. If it were to be in nigeria some people will buy it ok, 2pac was loved and still is..he was a great rapper, one of the greatest so take the bible to anywhere in the world i assure u that a buyer will come out…RIP TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR.

  6. @ Peter, I agree with u it’s only here in Nigeria we forget our legend. no one will even price talkess of buying.

  7. If have nothing important to say,y dnt u keep mute? Even here in Nigeria pple will buy @appreciable’s only meant for d elite class,not just anybody. Go to clubs and see pple buy common bottle of beer worth #200 for #5000,so wat ar u saying?

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