Photos: Abuja House, Where President Buhari Is Staying In West London

abuja house west london

Feb 13, 2017 – Pictures: Abuja House, Where President Buhari Is Spending His Vacation Time In West London

Located in the posh Campden Hill area of the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in West London, Abuja House is one of the most prominent buildings on the street. Across the road is the home of the High Commissioner of South Africa to the UK.

This is where President Buhari has been spending his vacation.

Buhari left Nigeria on January 19 after informing the National Assembly and transferring power to VP Yemi Osinbajo as acting president.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Abuja House, Where President Buhari Is Staying In West London

  1. This could be an old pic from one of his past trip or during the first week he got to London. Anyway, I pray for his quick recovery.

  2. THIS DOES not answer the question in many people’s minds. Showing us this house does not mean PMB is still alive, nor does showing us a tombstone mean he’s dead. We need to see him in person.

  3. During those visits by goverment officials and instead writing letter only to the senate, why don’t they advise him to make a speech promising to return. By so doing, there will be no side talks about wether he is seriously sick, alive or not. Still wishing him quick recovery.

  4. What is wrong with being sick. Do you expect him to always disclose his personal affairs.Whoever cares about sidetalks aren’t really matured.
    lest you forget, the holy bible says ”Let none of you think evil in your heart” Joy to the wise.Which set of People are you representing Mr Metu,the rumour mongers or those that genuinely care about the president?

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