Photos: Fulani Herdsmen Block Governor Okorocha’s Convoy In Owerri Imo State For 30 Minutes

fulanis herdsmen block okorocha owerri

May 9, 2016 – Pictures: Fulani Cattlemen Block Governor Okorocha’s Convoy In Owerri Imo State For 30 Minutes

The Governor was on his way to inspect some ongoing projects in Owerri when his convoy ran into some herdsmen at Amakohia Orlu road.

It took over 30 minutes for Okorocha’s security detail to clear the herdsmen off the road as the governor waited patiently to avoid clash.

fulani cattlemen block okorocha

The message on the streets is that the herdsmen are trying to pass a message to Okorocha.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Fulani Herdsmen Block Governor Okorocha’s Convoy In Owerri Imo State For 30 Minutes

  1. Gud for Mr Governor, u just see small fulani herdmen wahala.only in naija u see cattles and goats moveing around in str of city and town and roads ,not to say feed on people farms.

  2. oh yes…may be the Governor will find a solution to this problem now since he too is now a victim

  3. This Boko Haram in the making are something else. Anyway, Okorochas will take the necessary steps.

  4. okorocha himself is a Fulani man because he weas burn in the north. did you he complain? okorohausa is his real name.

  5. abolish a law dat no cow is allow with their herdsmen to walk freelly in IMO state or else it will course accident that will claim many lives. Thank u i rest my thought.

  6. Something with these muslims is that, if they plan to attack you they dont just go straight to the point, No! Its a gradual prosess. If you tolerate them, they progresses with each stages as time goes by.

    If they plan to break your head for instance, this is what you will see…
    First, they will look at you with a frown, if you ignore them, after a while, they will intentionally brush you as the pass beside you. If you still ignore, next they will pinch you, if you ignore then they will push you with their hands this time around, ignore them and they grab and shake you vigoriously if you still ignore one fateful day like that comes the smashing on your head “Gbowaaa!

    Some day, they may not just barricade the way for the Gov. but smash his wheel screens and the next is to practically drag him out of his car and beat him up mercilessly that it will take the intervention of a very strong force to distrupt the struggle. if he is lucky, he may narrowly escaped being lynched.

    I take a stroll…

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