Photos: James Ibori Arrives Nigeria, Gets Royal Welcome In Oghara Delta State


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Feb 4, 2017 – Pictures: James Ibori Arrives Nigeria, Gets Royal Welcome In Oghara Delta State

Nigeria’s most corrupt politician, James Ibori arrived Nigeria today around 10am after spending 4.5 years in a UK jail for money laundering.

His kinsmen, politicians, traditional rulers and fans gave him a royal welcome as he arrived his hometown of Oghara in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State around 3:40pm today.

A governor¬†went to jail for looting his state dry yet he is getting a royal welcome, isn’t this a way of encouraging corruption??? This kind yeye thing can only happen in Naija.

15 thoughts on “Photos: James Ibori Arrives Nigeria, Gets Royal Welcome In Oghara Delta State

  1. this people stupid i beg, somebody wen steal from them and their future generations to come na dem hail like dis, i talk am be4 sey na nigerians be thier own problem

  2. Anybody who thinks looting of public funds will ever cease in Nigeria is deceiving him or herself. This man went to prison in Britain for shoplifting when he was a student there, came back to Nigeria and became the governor of Delta state, stole them dry, impoverished them, stashed his state’s money in his private accounts in Britain, America, and Dubai, bribed magistrate Marcel Akhimelehin (from his state) who freed him, but nemesis caught up with him in London along with his married ashawo mistress, his lawyer, and another lady and they all went to jail. After spending 4 1/2 years in prison he was released and he came back home to a royal welcome by his people. Shameful indeed. Those who gave him the royal welcome should hand their heads in shame. They are a total disgrace to Nigeria. I thought that show of shame would have stopped with Bode George but apparently, not.

  3. Thank God for ur life. Am not from Delta State but Gov Ibori loves his ppl. During his tenure he was one of the governors I love. May God continue to guide and protect u. U r welcome sir.

  4. Nigeria problem is really complicated indeed….and the reason is tribalism has eaten deep in the mind of every Nigerian,that’s the bitter truth.
    If Nigeria is one as we always presumed,such celebration will never take place.

  5. If James ibori was d president of Nigeria everyone will be happy, every one is a thief, but na who dem cash be thief,this mans policy is “u chop I chop” (but make my people chop first cos if they are happy I am joyful), d best governor in Delta state,

  6. If he had come back quietly to Nigeria, “insiders” would have fished him out and the media would have afield day milking the juicy story. Perhaps that is why they have a public welcome. It is survival of sorts I guess!

  7. What a shame. They probably haven’t a decent meal in weeks but they honour a man who contributed to their poverty and hungry.

  8. Welcome My Governor, the best governor so far, is James Ibori that gave my Mosogar tied road, it is Ibori Government that made us to know that there is money in Government, My Governor u will become the next President weather the Devil like it or not. All Nigeria Governors and Presidents are all thief, all the ppl that EFCC are pushing now what do they do to them, Governor Ibori touch everybody’s life. The structures and foundations that Ibori government layed down is still on. u that know thief’s come and point other Governors work in Delta State for us to see.

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